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      Fodenis a London based electronic producer, composer and writer who knows how tocraft a memorable and explosive anthem that will invigorate dance floors andexpand minds. Working to create futuristic pop music that is built on afoundation of underground urban dance music is what this artist does best. Onhis new album, “You Talk to Me”, Foden uses drum and bass, hip hop and trapsounds to create a cohesive statement that is truly connected to the pulse ofwhat is happening in the international music industry today. As an artist,Foden is able to unite disparate influences and sounds into something that isinstantly familiar.

      Acrossthe eight tracks of “You Talk to Me”, Foden explores a varied sonic territorythat moved between genres, emotions and moments of life with ease while stillremaining cohesive and standing out as some of the best urban informedelectronic music to be released in 2016. Foden is an artist who knows how tocreate international crossover tracks that appeal to many dancefloors andaudiences. “You can be sure to hear Foden’s new album “You Talk to Me” lightingup dancefloors and igniting festival sets for many months to come.

      Fodenhas received support for his recent co-productions with Foreign Beggars’ DjNonames on the singles “Shallow” and “Resurrection Kid” by some of the UnitedKingdom’s most well known and influential DJ’s including Toddla T and Mary AnneHobbes. As a producer, Foden has worked with internationally renowned artistssuch as the United States’ Pusha T. Working with production partners, Sebastian Sartor & Davide Tamburella, Fodencontributed to the opening track ‘King Push’ of ‘Pusha T’s’ debut Solo album,which would eventually reach No.4 on the US billboard 200 chart. The track wasco produced with and released on Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label with backingfrom Universal & Island Def Jam. Now with “You Talk to Me”, the artistknown as Foden has released a singular vision which helps to solidify his placein the upper echelon of urban music producers working today.

      For anyone seeking truly triumphant and heroic music, the timehas come to check out Foden’s kaleidoscopic world. Forget what you knew andstep into what is. Foden is a visionary mastermind that you will want tocommunicate with. Be sure to check out his new game changing album “You Talk toMe”!

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    Forums Music Music Promos Invigorate the Mind, Body and Spirit with Foden’s Electrifying New Album “You Talk to