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    Hey whats up everyone, I am in the midwest stl area, I love working hard and staying high on opiates. THATS ALL I WANNA DO, I wish the us wasnt so damn anal about them, you U.K.’ers have it pretty nice. lol Anyone else in my area? Dont be afraid to holler at me!


    I think I can vouch for most people on partyvibe and myself, that what goes up definantly comes down, and long term drug use is not a funny subject, especially in the realm of opiates.

    keep safe.



    Oh believe me I dont need anyone to tell me that :crazy: Thanks tho lol, im a responsible closet junkie, and yes we do exist. But if I can’t be honest here I wont waste my time.


    its not that you dont have to be honest. its just people care here, and through caring we give advice.



    Tank Girl

    welcome to PV :bounce_fl



    Thanks Tank, and you politician for caring:wink: I didnt mean to come across as an asshole or anything but I already am VERY WELL AWARE, AND know ALL of the consequences of my addiction and I dont really need anyone telling me them or preaching to me that I need to stop. I was kinda hoping someone on here could relate to me and we could talk about stuff.



    i’m sure there’s a few people on here that have or are going through something simila …

    welcome to the site btw x

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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