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    Everyone knows if you want to sell something you have to promote the item and online radio stations are not the exception. You can create a web page, use a banner or even send emails to promote your station and get more listeners but sometimes that is not enough. You have to promote your station where people go to find a station to listen. If you have been asking yourself one of these questions:

    • How do I promote my Internet radio station?
    • How do I get more listeners?
    • Where can I start promoting my station?

    This article will help you to get a few more listeners and let everyone know you exist in the world of Internet Radio and Audio Streaming.

    Internet Radio Directories are the easier and faster way to promote your online radio station and get more listeners. Directories are websites with thousands of radio stations divided into categories where the listeners can go and search for something to listen to live. We omitted 2 directories in this article, Shoutcast Directory and Icecast Directory.

    The Shoutcast Directory is the biggest directory followed by Icecast Directory but if you are streaming using one of this two systems, Shoutcast or Icecast, your radio station already is in the directory if the option “public” has been selected.

    The following directories allow you to submit your radio station for free:

    1- iTunes Radio

    iTunes Radio is a very popular one but it is little difficult to submit your station.

    Not because you need a degree in computer science but because apple is a little selective when they accept the submission. If your station is accepted it will bring good traffic to your station.

    2– Windows Media Guide

    This is another popular directory where you can submit your Radio Station Online. Like iTunes Radio you will have to go through a process to be accepted. However it is not so difficult like iTunes Radio.

    3- Streema

    Streema is an online radio tuner and Directory to discover, share, and listen to radio stations with your friends.

    4- Tuner 24

    Radio Tuner 24 is a true international online radio directory and network that captures all nations and creed.

    5- TruMix

    Don’t get fooled by the simple web design of this Directory, this directory was established in 2005. It is not only a Web Radio Directory it is also a Podcast Directory so if you do a podcast of your own Online Radio Talk Show you can promote it here.

    6- Streaming The Net

    A multi-national Internet radio and TV Directory. This web site may not win awards for beauty, but strives to get you to your desired content quickly and efficiently.

    7- DeliCast

    This directory is highly recommended it has a simple submission format and will give you a good amount of listeners.

    8- TuneIn Radio

    TuneIn Radio is a very popular directory between iPhone and Android users. Not only can people find your station online, they also can download the free application of TuneIn Radio and Listen from their mobile devices.

    These are only a few Internet Radio Directories of thousands and thousands you can find online. If you want to be heard, you have to promote your online station. Sell your station like a product; expose your logo, name and link everywhere you can and the listeners will come.

    Social Media

    Social media is a very powerful tool but does not work by itself you have to work it out. This is another good method of promotion and also communication with your audience. I will talk to you more about this later.

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