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    Tank Girl

      We got any one here? or other family members?

      There is loads about them on UK TV at the mo,

      Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder – 4oD – Channel 4

      Its so interesting, as I think I could easily become one, have to mentally remind myself its ‘stuff’ and I’m not talking about things that are worth money, but stuff I associate with memories, friends, family members etc

      My mum is and now deceased uncle was a hoarder(s)

      My bro and sis decided to ‘do an intervention’, and it has right royally kicked off today and my mum has gone mental, shouting, screaming and refusing to let them in her house… :ar15::ar15::ar15::ar15::ar15::ar15:

      I refused to ‘join in’ so I wasnt too popular with my siblings, but I know what she is like and if she dont want to change she aint going to…

      General Lighting

        I think those what are causing environmental/health hazard or hoarding live animals should be dealt with by the appropriate authorities – but at the same time these programmes can lead to folk adding needleslly to the landfill piles.

        also I – and a great deal of chaps my age or older across Europe and Asia (in fact in the foreign lands youths and girls also participate in this) quite deliberately hoard broken or obsolete electronic equipment. Dad did this, and so do I. In Malaysia old Chinese dudes pick up all the unwanted hi tech kit and take it back to makeshift labs where mostly young men but often entire families fix it or make it into other stuff.

        Firstly its illegal to just put it in the trash nowadays (some things are really hard to get shot of like CRT monitor tubes) – secondly bigger things especially can be gutted and lots of useful components recovered – for instance a faulty electric fan, a busted monitor and a microwave oven yielded enough components to turn my bedroom mixing setup in to a broadcast quality radio studio. Even the microwave case got reused as its a decent quality aluminium case and provides good earth for radio reception.

        Loads of magnet wire too, which otherwise costs £15 a spool nowadays due to the price of copper and which I use to make coils for radio antennas (they keep away bad interference and let in good signals). this saved me having to get the components from Leeds and more materials used in China.

        Tank Girl

          Yeh my dad and uncle did / does that, my dad had loads of copper wires (big massive industrial stuff) left over from when he was a spark (20+ yr ago) and my bro spent a summer stripping it and made about £400 quid scrap!

          I met up with my mum today, so sad she is so hurt and upset about it, feels ‘ganged up on’ and its opened a hornets nest of lots of problems and ‘unsaid’ things, including relationship issues,

          She’s not got any animals etc – as I totally agree when it gets unsafe, unsafe to aminals and its not ‘too’ bad in my opinion – as I’ve seen much much worse in my job,

          I am so glad I didnt join in as I think it would have damaged my relationship with her, and I think she needs atleast one of us she can open up to and be honest who isnt gonna make her feel even more shit about herself……


            I have been known to not wanna throw away old magazines or boxes from my gizmos and gadgets, but I don’t think i’m a hoarder.

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