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    Evening All,

    Originally form Liverpool, Live in Bristol at the mo,
    Thought I join the site as I was looking up some info on the methrdone and this seemed to be the site, where sensible opinions and discussions take place over the subject.

    Bit about me: I’m in early 30’s. Love House/Mainly Trance music since the 90’s. Used to go to clubs such as Karanga, cafe blue, slinky, lacota (Bristol) Cream Liverpool , Slinky Bournemouth, Monastery (torquay). Favourite Dj’s Scott Bond, Matt Harwick, Nick Warren. I really like the Pump Dj’s as well! think there albums are the nuts!

    Interests – Really into music – prog trance and anything that has a beat (do like the plump dj’s). I’ve statedI [djing for my mates (need to practice) but am getting there. I have put one of my mixes on dmixnet.tape mix name is (Uplifting Trance) feel free to download (its costs nothing) and provide some feedback… I picked some of my favorite tracks and tried my best to have a go at mixing… its not perfect but I think my tune selection hits all the right notes!

    As you can imagine I have a dabbled lot with various substances. Pills, Speed, Pot, Ketamin (by accident – that was a weird night), coke. For me its never caused any issues (condolences to the family of the kids who have died in the last week)

    If anybody wants to chat feel free to do… put a post on the drugs section concerning methaddone and my first experiences with compared against the others.




    welcome to de parteevibez init me brenda

    AvatarTank Girl

    welcome to the board :bounce_g:


    welcome – do you meen methedrone? (as you put methadone)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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Forums The Vibe Introductions Hi Everyone – First Post!

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