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    Phil0810 wrote:
    Hey Party People
    Im from reading and really wanna PARTY
    If anyone can help me that would be great
    haha another one! big up the Reading crew 😛 im gonan go ravin down that way soon as my brother moves backj were gonna go for a good stomping session :wtf_beard

    Hey. New so thought I would introduce myself. Mostly live in Bristol, but in London for the summer. Anyone know of any parties in London? Miss dancing…..



    im new 2


    Hey Mel ive only now signed up 2 this-heard about it from my brother’s mate-Zerasta(hi ow :biggreen: ) so thought id sign up.xx


    im new to this forum but have visted the site and i have had the luck to have attened a few free partys and i have realy enjoyed the vibe of the people and the music its a pity its now illegal i had the good fortune to be at the right place at the right time pity theres no way hearing about wheres the next party …sigh … raaa :hiding:


    first time post loves parties wheeee!!!!


    Looking for the free party scene up and around manchester…………….


    I’m same as new here, me 2. Just checking it out.


    Hello I’m new! And i don’t speak (and write) very well in English because I’m an Italian girl :flowers:


    Anyone know where any free parties are with a 200 miles of Jackson, TN or Jackson, MS? If anyone does please contact me @


    u r so stupid ass face :annoyed:


    Yes I’m talking about that girl who put a bottle of wine some where the sun don’t shine, but this doesn’t have anything to do with my introduction, I thought it was better than just saying Hi.

    Wasup everybody, I joined this site mainly because I want to set up a party myself. I’ll be posting on Free Party forum to get more info on how to start it up. Obviously once I manage to organisie something will let you guys know.

    See you around!


    id like to be notifed if theres going to be a happening,lol its a bit like trying to spot ufos you got to be in the right place at the right time.

    good luck &

    woodelf the 1st

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    welcome to all our new users… Glad to see you’ve registered…

    as for the party info…..

    As an old-skool raver I too am gutted that we just can’t point everyone to a big list of partyline numbers like the one we once used to have on this board.

    Unfortunately, things have changed in the last few years.

    A massive increase in the size and frequency of UK unlicensed raves from 1997-2003 (particularly because of good summer weather) caused a backlash amongst the middle englanders in areas where raves were most commonly held.

    The UK Government and cops therefore tightened up enforcement against unlicensed events in recent years, so those raves that still happen have had to become smaller private parties where people are invited to attend rather than just a location where anyone can turn up (this also goes some way to dealing with problems caused by idiots who only attend raves to commit crime or violence).

    So please don’t be too disheartened if you cannot immediately find unlicensed rave info on here or any other rave messageboards (be careful on some boards as seemingly obvious rave info posts are sometimes fake – posted out of spite by burnt-out ex-ravers to make people drive around aimlessly, using up fuel and risking being stop checked 🙁 )

    What you can do is keep registering and chatting to one another – you can (within reason and being mindful of your personal safety) talk about where you come from.

    You can always discuss what music you like – that hasn’t been outlawed yet and we don’t have pointless arguments running down one or another style of music!

    This sounds a bit like hippy stuff but there does seem to be some strange karma that brings the party people in one area together. I’ve been to parties in other parts of the UK hundreds of miles away, and people have randomly turned up that I know from my city!

    Be civil with each other without slagging each other off; and eventually you will make some friends on here, and one of them will be able to send you a message about a party in their area.

    After all thats how we all used to do it before everyone had PCs and mobiles…


    hey, just thought i would say hello.
    Im here to absorb as much musical knowledge as i possibly can.
    I have been trying to download some drum n bass recently, but everything i download is not what i am looking for at all.
    The song in human traffic that they dance to in the record shop is fantastic but i can’t find it. If anyone knows what it is could you please tell me, also anything else like that, would u be able to tell me some names.



    That une you are referring to is called “Stalker” by Aphrodite. I think it’s on Aphrodite Recordings but I haven’t been able to find the orignial for a while, but they do have a recent (few months old) remixes if you check out some online record shops. (I know has a remix of it)

    If you like that kind of drum n bass you should listen to tunes from Urban Takeover label. I think you’ll like it.

    EZ now.


    thankyou very much redjedi.
    Im gonna go get it now, i really love that song :bounce_g:


    Hello,Have moved to southern spain, and know wanting to know where the best place is to free party. Havent heard of anything down here. Any clues? :head_bang


    Im new here just wanted to say hey and remember exstasy is not a drug its a state of mind


    I’ve moved down to Hackney fairly recently, about 4 months ago, and am just interested in finding good places to go, people to meet, and most, to dance til dawn. on a strict budget. Cat.


    hey, howdy doo? I’d like to say hello to all! been deejaing for 6 yr’s now playing liquid funk at the moment! but I listen to all types of music really! I’ve got a very eclectic taste in music. anything you would like to ask me? peace KRS :bigsmile:


    Hi there. My names Richard an i,m living in the Middlesborough area, I love Hard House, Techno, pst-trance, anything bangin basically!! anyone from round here? get in touch ‘cos i’ve just mooved here an i need 2 meet some party heads!! thanx…


    I’m completely new to all this, just somehow stumbled across this site while browsing the net in general. From what I’ve seen while browsing it seems there’s something on in the London area called Skumtek? Any information on location etc would be much appreciated, I’ve got exam results coming up this week which I’d like to celebrate (or kill the pain of failure) with some kind of partyage. Also is there anything else on in the Suffolk or general East Anglia area soon?


    hello all, just wanted to say hello, been reading the threads on this site and seem v. intersting. Esp. re. i raves. If anyone knows of any around the london area pls let me no.

    AvatarDirty Ast

    hiya its Ast. im new n like techno. wiked site. i wanna post our rave in the calander. cant figure it out right nowsinglefront1.jpg


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