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      keep getting ‘youve added 1 tag to many’ error message when i try and post in the music forum!!


        im trying to add this…

        Mainly inspired from Annie Mac’s Mashup sets she hosts.

        thought id get my head into doing something similar, so bear in mind this is my 1st attempt at something like this so hope it works musically.

        am thinking it maybe got a little to much going on at certain times but then it is a mashup.

        hoping to get around 30 tracks into 5 mins eventually once ive messed about more with this format.

        as its under 10mins i thought id add a few clips from Pandemonium-Andromeda 4.




        1. Smooth but Hazzardous — Smooth but Hazzardous
        2. DJ Mayhem — Damage
        3. Break the Limits — Multicoloured Lasers
        4. Acid Beard Massive — Thinking Nothing
        5. Krispy Krouton — Flavour 4 Cream of Asparagus
        6. DSP — Obsession
        7. 187 Lockdown — Gunman
        8. Acen — Close your Eyes
        9. Ionosphere — Magic Piano
        10. DJ Junk — Rush Higher
        11. Miranda — Miracle Maker
        12. SL2 — Way in My Brain
        13. DJ Crystl — Suicidal
        14. Oz Beat — Untitled (B) (F Project 008)
        15. Nexus & Blowback — Boomin Tunes Vol1 (AA1)
        16. DJ Freeze — Star Trek VI
        17. Under-D-Influence — Brand New 49T2
        18. Da Bass Invaderz — I Believe
        19. N.R.G. — Never Lost His Hardcore
        20. Secret Squirrel – DDT

        feel free to leave feedback or indeed any tips.

        completly changed the thread with little text in it but still got the error message.

        there are no smileys in the post, only link tags.

        when i removed the tags it still said error!

        any ideas?


          Managed to post the thread now but had to title it ‘Check this out’

          if an admin could change it to ‘ Foo`s Oldskool Mini Mashup ‘ for me thatd be great thanks.



            I had problems with the tags yesterday

            Was writing Dj Ast, and it put a comma between Dj and Ast and wrote a tag have to be at least 3 letters long :crazy_diz

            Then it duplicated the tags I already made :laugh_at:

            Haven’t had that problem before.


              I have tagged the thread with no problems – its a glitch

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