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      Hi everyone, my name’s Brice and I live in Scottsdale AZ.

      I found this site and am posting in this forum because I’ll be flying into London all by my lonesome this September right after my 19th birthday, and want to know a few people and know about the UK scene before I arrive.

      I mainly dig the Hardcore, DnB, Trance, HHC, and some progressive house. Here in AZ the scene is just now beccming strong again after a few years of recession, and I’m a promoter here and have thrown a few parties. Only thing I know about the UK scene is what I’ve heard from talking with Scott Brown, he came over here for an event Kandlieland II a couple months ago. Anyway, I am really curious how you guys do things over in England and hope to make some new friends! ๐Ÿ™‚


        solidarity, komrade!

        the uk scene is as you might expect, very diverse. if you like DnB, youve come to the right place. clubs to check out in london:

        the end is intimate but has some of the best dnb nights going. check out renegade hardware if you can. on a larger scale, but similar tip, is a ruud club in a massive church, up brixton way.

        also in brixton is the fridge, and if you want a bit less attitude and a bit more variety, thats ur place. project ozma nights are a spectacle to behold, in true tripped out psytrance style.

        for a different night altogether, or a good place to start your evening is camden, but im sure as a tourist you’ll find your way around there soon enough. its a wicked chilled and funky corner of london, and while there are still loads of crackheads wandering about, it has a nice freindly vibe running thru it.

        tbh, london is harsh and dark and cramped, imo. check out bristol if you want uk dnb hiphop styles, that is where its at. and brightons well nice but a bit snobby if you ask me.

        hope thats confused you enough for now.


          Thanks for those reccomendations! I’m checking out their respective site right now. I really don’t care for the club scene myself… but I’ve been told that there is some talent there thats hard to find elsewhere. I already heard of the End, that place is kinda legendary here in AZ to the DnB heads. And I’m moving to England, not a tourist, for clarification. Whats your all’s underground scene like? Any underground hardcore? Underground websites? Hows the situation with the heat?


            i hear ya, not a big club fan meself, its all about ravin in the open air…

            check,, and if you want a little of me and mine,

            there are loads of sites about….do you have any AZ sites for us to peruse so we can seewhere ya comin from?

            the heat is pretty hot. 3parties are havin a resurgance atm, and the police are responding accordingly. having said that, when parties get on the news, at least the coppers dont take off their numbers and baton rush you. it has been known.

            the pigs used to just come down as heavy as poss, but now theyre being clever, which makes it harder on us, obviously. last year 10 rigs were nicked by the police at the same party, and the owners face massive fines. hardcore.

            the freeparty music i would say is predominantly techno and gabber, with some DnB and jungle and hardly any psytrance. oldskool hardcore and the like does turn up, but quite sporadically. dont mention house and freeparties in the same sentance. you’ll regret it. ๐Ÿ˜‰


              @USE]dont mention house and freeparties in the same sentance. you’ll regret it. )[/QUOTE wrote:

              this is getting to be a habit USE :you_smart ๐Ÿ˜‰

              there is some excellent house moosic around… nice, underground tunes

              which get played at freeparties

              house has always been part of free partying moosically, historically and just anyway)


                yer, i recon house was the template for most dance, and as such has its place in the history of dance music, but four to the floor is old and dead now, only existing in cheesy mainstream clubnights. i have never heard house in anything other than that environment. just goes to show how little i know, and how limited my experience of clubbin is, nowt else.

                personally house makes me want to strangle the dj or leave the club. it bores me to tears and destroys my energy. i know people who feel like that about dnb.


                  The scene in Arizona is united under one website: AZ Infoline. That is the central website where all events are planned, discussed, and promoted, and where the entire scene communicates with each other. Its our backbone. There are several smaller sites that belong to individual production companies such as Cheddarcore Production, AZ Hardcore Junkies, or 602 Productions.

                  Cops baton rushing you? Damn, I can’t believe that. Thats unheard of here. I think there is still a whisp of cowboy mentality in Arizona, that police brutality would be met with switchblades and fighting back. However, the greater problem here is drunks or campers or gangs showing up with weapons and scaring the partygoers. Its a tricky issue to resolve, since we can’t exactly call the cops on them. Theres only been two or 3 parties busted in the past year and a half, and both of those the police were very by the book, and politely told us that the party has to be shut down.

                  Our “illegal” or outlaw parties all take place in the vast Arizona desert, far from the police, nosy neighbors, and anyone who would object. All of our legal venues (warehouses) are legally rented, and have hired proffesional security at most of them. Located in the industrial or warehouse districts, there are also no noise ordinances. For those reasons, the cops cannot bust the party. Only real reasons are underage drinking or not having a liquor license for selling alcohol, although most events do not have significant alcohol ammounts (except what the drunks, I mean DnB heads, bring in).

                  Most of our events the cops don’t even know about, because on the fliers we have here, there is just an “infoline number.” ITs just a telephone number of someone throwing the party, that you only call the night of the event at like 6pm or 7pm. They leave the directions and mapoints on their voicemail, so everyone just calls and gets the directions an hour before the party. This system has been fairly successful at keeping the events underground.

                  I’m not familiar with the term, all one word “freeparty,” but in Arizona there are few parties for free. They almost all cost money, at least $5 or $10. The music is predominanly Hardcore, DnB, Trance, HHC, and breaks. There is a pretty equal distribution among genres at most parties. There is also to a lesser degree some house, techno, jungle, and “turntablism” and hiphop. I am not familiar with “gabber” at all, we don’t have that here.

                  Sucks about the problems you seem to have with the pigs. Have you guys developed any systems or ways to try and minimize or combat this problem?


                    wow, it would be lush to have a desert or a warehouse area with no sound restrictions, that would be mint. england is a much smaller place, so pretty much no matter where you party, someone will be kept up. we try to tuck ourselves away as much as poss, but its not that easy.

                    we also have infolines, and thats the main way of promoting freeparties. freeparties in this country started off (so ive heard) in the late eighties, when the police started getting wise to illega events going off, andat the time there was a loophole in the law which meant if you didnt charge, it wasn’t illegal. money was collected on a voluntary donation basis, but thats all. this grew into a tradition in england, of taking a stack into the woods, flyering our partylines or just word of mouth (and sometimes the net if we’re feeling lairy) and inviting everyone. because theres no money involved, it opens the event up to more people, and coz its outside the law, there are no rules. “temporary autonomous zones” they have been called.

                    there have been plenty of nasty police breakups of parties, although theyre getting better now. the media in this country love nothing more than to write nasty articles about raves and wind everyone up, non more so than our police. freeparty as a word is now popular partly because if you say “rave” most people start getting rabid. check out this article from the most popular paper in britain: the crew in question are freinds of mine, and they were pretty shocked to have two gun toting maniacs storm their party, and then doube shocked as a lot of the press were on their side! it seems guns should never be used to intimidate, unless its ravers, which makes it ok!

                    to be fair, usually the police only comedown hard if the site isnt safe, or is right next to loads of rich people. but sometimes they go mental cos they thinkm no one is watching. ive been doin parties for four years and the police have only been not nice twice, and even then there was no violence and no one got nicked, they just got angry and one time fucked off, the other time shut us down (the only shut down we’ve had, and it was a private party on private land!).

                    most raves ive been involved with went smooth as silk, not a whisper from the cops (or a freindly visit), no annoyed neighbours, just pure wicked vibes.

                    there are loads of different laws they can spring on us, and do, but somehow the scene keeps goin. rigs (soundsystems) usually have their own set of djs which play one stye of music, so i help a dnb rig, we usually invite a techno rig, and a chillout rig to our raves. because of the police, we need at least 100 people to start a rave from the word go, or they will try and nick raves start at around midnight, when there will be the most people abvout, and end the next day, sometimes 10, sometimes two days later. have you checked the teknival thread? worth a look. thats how we do.


                      So a rig or soundsystem is a group with its own sound equipment, and DJs, all of only one genre? That sounds crazy! Here, we have seperate sound crews that JUST do sound alone, and you can hire the crews to be at different events. Some crews have better quality, or more bass, or whatnot, and all charge different prices. Then there are production companies, which throw the actual parties. Some production companies have DJ’s “signed” with them, but the DJs play at events thrown by ANY production company. That way, you can throw a multi genre event, with different sound according to your priorities to the genres, all by one production company. Its like the Production company is the director, the DJs are the actors, and the sound crew is the video editing and special effects. You can mix and match them however you prefer.

                      That article made me sick. There was similar Dateline special here in America that I swear that article must have been based off of. Our law enforcement here has a “don’t ask, don’t tell” attitude towards our scene, and we don’t do anything to bother anyone else or get complaints, and the police don’t bother us. However, if some fucker shot his shotgun into the sound equipment at a party in AZ, that fool would have been SHOT DEAD long before the police ever arrived. Raves here start at 9, and end at 5 or 6, so that everything can be cleaned up and packed up before day breaks, so that the next morning no one would even know there was a party.


                        Here is a video, pics, and audio from one of our better events, Kandieland II. Hopefully this can give you an idea of what parties are like in Arizona. The lighing is kinda dark (go figure) but you can catch your own Scott Brown.



                        Audio: DJ Nimh & Starr vs. DJ Sixxx & Rize featuring MC’s Simon Apex, Stylee, Tek & M.G. – Live @ Kandieland II – 4.9.05 –
                        Part 1 – 56.4 MB
                        Part 2 – 53.6 MB


                          I’ll check the vid out soon. Will need to put some download time aside. Do you have phat internet connections out there?


                            That vid shouldn’t take too long at all…

                            I just have a cable internet connection. Thats pretty standard here.

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