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    Hey whats up everyone? My name is Darren or Freym whicever you prefer. I am a;most 31 and I live in the backwoods of Virginia. I jus got out of a long and rough 8 year relationship and Im beginning to hit up the prty scene all over again. As soon as I can save some money Im going to buy some musiic equipment and this winte Im going to write and record a dark trance albm that will hopefully be good. As far as music goes my big 3 are Tool, Pink Floyd and Opeth. Im a big movie fan as well I lost all my DVDs (amost 300) in the breakup so Im having to strt over. I actuall rented some movies earlier and got my stepdad too watch Machete and Hobo With A Shotgun with me tonight. I guess fr the more obvious reason I here, I am a fan of drugs. My drug-o-choice is weed followed closely by trip. From 2000-2004 I smoked local stuff that wasnt very high quality and then I quite until recently after i moved back home. Now the local stuff doesnt exist. Its all this high priced stuff. I have to pay either $20 a gram or $200 for every half oz. Currently on the menu is black widow hydro, nothing like I ever smoked before. My next favorite drug is acid. Ive only done it 5 times in about a month period and I miss it dearly. Anyway I think that about sum it up for me. I hope to make some friends here.


    Welcome dude!

    Pat McDonald

    @Frey 494006 wrote:

    Hobo With A Shotgun

    Fun movie. Don’t take it too seriously or you too might have to choose between a lawnmower and a piece.

    @Frey 494006 wrote:

    Its all this high priced stuff. I have to pay either $20 a gram or $200 for every half oz. Currently on the menu is black widow hydro, nothing like I ever smoked before.

    Yeah, hydroponic skunk has a big economic impact. It’s strong taste and concentrated hit of THC makes it very compelling. If you was selling the stuff (not something I advise) then it makes sense to sell small quanitities of high priced stuff than large quantities of low priced stuff. Because people smoke it quicker and come back for more. The shade leaf and tip of the crop are considered “waste” compared to the bud, but they actually smoke like old school bush and make pretty good oil or water hash, in quantity. Growers usually give that away to friends who avoid the bud because they’re too committed (workwise, familywise) to get too wasted.

    One way around this – borrow something with GPS to record your position. Go out in the woods in the spring. Plant some seeds, record the positions (NOT on the device, especially if it’s a phone or has other networkability). Head back this time of year, harvest time.

    No money changing hands, no hold ups, not much evidence to trace back to you.

    See, if you’re going to break the law;-

    a) Be prepared to do the time in jail. Goes with the game. It’s not where you want to be but it’s a very real probability.

    b) In terms of avoiding problems, do the right thing by everybody – and everybody backs you. Nobody really likes the gangsters or the sketchy people.

    That of course includes competing with local sales people – just stay out of the game. Don’t sell. Don’t be seen as competition.

    There’s a Brit called “Howard Marks” who is well worth looking up. Mr Nice Guy is what the cops called him. Very pro-active.

    As for acid… well, small doses, sometimes. Haven’t felt the need for it in over a decade, have quite a nicely expanded consciousness as it is.

    Welcome to the Vibe, hope you find some of the stuff I posted useful. And have fun making the music, don’t forget to make records and MP3s. Doubtful you’ll make real money, but hey, music is about expression, feelings and mood, not finance.

    MC G-Tek

    Welcome mate, hope you enjoy the site. Be interesting to hear some snippets from the album once it’s all done and dusted man, look forward to checking them out.


    G’day, Welcome to PV. Hope you have fun here! Look forwaard to hearing some of that trance once its done!



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