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      For some light hearted fun with like minded people we are setting a site up for a laugh, have a look and see if you can help!

      look at


      General Lighting

        good luck 2 u – but please keep it within reason, i.e nothing that would permanently traumatise people (like a sexual encounter that both parties regretted) or incriminate ppl (remember drugs are illegal!)

        i don’t mean 2 be a wet blanket as I actually think this could be fun and hope your site goes well; but sometimes I see sites like this being used 2 bully/shame people etc… 2 many times these days I see people using boards 2 slag ppl off when the comedown kicks in; or I hear (both off and on the net) “bitching sessions” post rave rather than fun random stuff! So if this 1 is being used to remember the fun times fair play 2 u lot.

        also I take it u will use nicknames etc – some1 may not want their partying excesses being identified 2 a prospective employer/their parents/the old bill (remember all these peeps can and do read “our” sites these days!)

        must send u the story about the post-rave acid binge and the aylesbury ducks. Animal lovers don’t worry: no ducks were harmed or force-fed illegal substances – in fact the ducks had the last laugh on us ravers!

        BTW what is “biff?” I suspect its cannabis in 1 form or another; but perhaps we should set up a glossary of “ravers’ slang”? Sometimes in 1 region of a country we have slang words others may not be sure of the meaning………


          This is something we are doing to remember the fun times definatly! The site will work not so much as a messege board, but as a place where stories etc will be added only after being checked by admin, this way will keep the site clean, and on the same topic.. already had some really funny stories from some people to help get the site running, people falling through the neighbours ceilings, not realising how and what they were doing up there, to some funny hotel incidents were total confusion sets in! were gettin there..

          whats biff? lol, well thats some slang term for something round here, will maybe add that to the gloassary if we add one.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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