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      Expansive and emotive, Johannesburg based producer WatermarkHigh (real name, Paul van der Walt) has cultivated a dreamy and evocative debutalbum. With an engaging sonic palette and collage-heavy style comprised ofelectronic and acoustic elements, field recordings and wide-ranging samples,this is intricate instrumental music; down-tempo, experimental and beat drivenbut tinged with a warm cinematic element which weaves its way through themusic, revealing pockets of emotions, enveloping textures and nostalgia.

      The 10-track effort was created in the producer’s home studioand borrows from diverse influences including jazz, classical, soul, hip-hop,and various electronic sub-genres by way of Bonobo, Shigeto, Gold Panda andLapalux. The LP is a conscious effort to push Watermark High forward, the soundof an artist who has discovered himself, revealing a unique personal aesthetic.

      Performing as Watermark High since 2012, the self-titled LP follows2013’s Murmurs, 2014’s Bright Black and 2015’s For Good EPs. Watermark High isa remixer and live performer in addition to maintaining his productionschedule. 2016 will see Watermark High continuing to build his profile in hisnative South Africa, performing at electronic music festivals and clubs whilealso shifting his attention to international touring opportunities.

      With the album’s digital release on the 10th of June2016, Watermark High will be utilizing crowd-funding platform Qrates to also securea vinyl release of the Watermark High LP.

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