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      Kikked! is an online magazine catering for all forms of contemporary art, including music, photography, film, animation, graffiti, tattooing, and much more.

      Issue 3 will be available from November 1 and will include :

      film festivals from the Netherlands (Streaming), Cambodia (Cambofest) and the USA (Zero 09)
      internet radio, including Trance Moon, Shake FM UK and Full Vibes
      music from Bukue One (USA), Tsen (Mexico), Chief Stockton (USA), Thieves Like Us (France)
      photography from Photohispalis (Spain), Long Distance Vision (Australia), From the Streets of Iran (Iran), Ludy Sulaco (Spain) and FilterKik (Netherlands)
      flamenco from the Zonas Cantaoras (Spain)
      art from Ken Carrano (USA) and Heidi Elize Wirz (USA)
      art exhibitions from Isreal (Tel Aviv Art Biennial), the USA (Skate Art), Belgium (Gilbert & George) and the UK (Moctezuma)
      multimedia exhibitions from France (Festival Proj(ect) ) and Ljubljana (Animateka)

      We also have two very surprise artists that we are keeping quiet about for now. Stay tuned… 😉

      There will also be a bonus disc with this issue, including :

      Maria Távora – Fandangos (flamenco dance) (9:00)
      Graffiti Alamillo 2009, Part 1 (Photohispalis) (4:14)
      Graffiti Alamillo 2009, Part 2 (Photohispalis) (5:32)
      Photohispalis Promo 1 (2:41)
      Photohispalis Promo 2 (6:23)
      FilterKik – PsyGraff (7:37)
      Kikked! 3 Promo Video (1:31)

      More content to be confirmed closer to release.

      Kikked! Magazine
      Kikked! Group on Facebook

      Promotional trailer for Kikked! issue 3, due out on November 1, 2009.
      YouTube – Kikked! 3 Trailer




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