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      GummiHz releases Headfull of Loops on

      With Headfull of Loops EP, GummiHz combines minimal aesthetics with elements of acid. The tracks bear his signature of hanging basslines, giving them a tranquil rolling vibe.

      The first tune, Body Electric opens with rubbery sounds accompanied sounds from the “digital zoo”. With the bassdrum kicking in, a temporary order is created, only to be undermined a wobbly bassline syncopating on top. Digital Acid, the second track starts more straight forward, featuring a warm vintage beat and a prominent bassline. Mood Control explores the minimal end of GummiHz, with each sound placed carefully on the timeline, developing wonderful sense of progression. Robo, is madness pure: A solid and stomping beat is being deconstructed every so often with reverb, only to kick in again – just before it is all lost.

      Four tracks available for free download at


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