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    I’m not sure if anybody knows about this great website to choose from any cities police scanner, marine, aircraft and even railroad.

    Here’s the link to this nice site: 😉 – Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference

    General Lighting

    I think I’ve been on there before to get software for loading frequencies into my Uniden Bearcat USC230-E (this is the European version as frequency allocations are different here) but they’ve updated the site loads.

    in England and most of Europe now the uniformed services have digital radios, even the town centre security guards have digital radios now (Motorola TRBO) but aviation and maritime frequencies are kept analogue. Trains here use a mixture of analogue and digital comms but the remaining analogue stuff is trunked and not easy to scan unless you have a room full of kit. Aircraft and maritime stuff is quite deliberately kept analogue, as the views of the communications ministries here (especially with the economic depression leading to cutbacks in the public services) is that every extra set of ears listening is valuable.

    My day job is as an IT/telecoms engineer for healthcare companies (I work with a lot of both fixed and wireless kit) and I was a broadcast engineer in the 1990s and recently have become one once more as a volunteer for my local community radio station, so I have had an interest in communications since a very early age…

    also these days I live in a coastal area so marine VHF is very active (every vessel from container ships to small yachts).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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