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      Europe Festival searching website is a brand new website just released. The site is currently in Beta phase with many of the Europe Festivals already lodged, but with the headliners from last year.

      The developers of the site will look to update the database as the new headliners come available for the 2014 festival season. Festival hunter is currently in the process of becoming a transcontinental site. It has information on festivals in North America, Europe, and South America and has begun to add festivals from Australia.

      The interface is an interactive tool that is always working to improve its ease of access and efficiency for its users. Right now the main focus is making sure all the Festivals in Europe are clear and displayed.

      Although they do have festivals shown in other continents, those will be given more attention and detail once the first phase of the website is completed.

      Besides just showing the festivals and when they happen, it gives you clear and precise instructions on the various method of transportation that are available as well as the running times of any public transportation and the costs. This makes it easy to plan your travels around the festivals you want to attend as well as see how to travel between festivals.

      Festival Hunter also allows users to review and rate all the festivals and tips for each festival. All this can be done in the blog section of the website with ease and little confusion.

      Festival Hunter was created by two young Australians who have done significant travelling in Europe and parts of North America. One of the developers has extensive first hand experience of festivals in Europe and this is an advantage because it ensures the website’s users exactly what they need to know in a simple and clear format.

      The developers of Festival Hunter have lots of knowledge and resources on web development that they have used to create Festival Hunter. They have gained experience working for clients who need website development and restructuring which has made it easier for them to perfect Festival Hunter.

      The interface is a simple map which is easy to zoom in and out of to see how close festivals are in relation to each other or other travel destinations one might have on their trip. It also shows in which city they are each located so users can look other attractions nearby.

      The website aims to provide a map, with the essential information required by festival goers before they decide which festivals to attend. The website has also integrated a handy tool to assist travellers to find routes and modes of transport to get to their favourite festivals.

      The website is community based, so members can sign up to contribute to the festivals and add new festivals missed by the administrator. If the person has been to a festival in the past, they can look at the comments left by others, leave their own comments or rate the festival so that other people heading to the Europe Festival Summer can see handy hints and tricks.

      Further to this, the admin are always working on producing useful content which will help users looking for essential information, or for ideas on a route where they may be able to go to 5 or 6 festivals in a loop, seeing all of their favourite bands on the way. is in the very early stages of growth, the concept was established in 2011, there are endless options for the direction of the website, which will be community driven. In future a forum may even be established for contributors to share useful tips and tricks.

      Festival Hunter is unique in that it will attempt to map the festivals of the world, with a comments system which will allow for the best information to be provided to people planning a trip. Although it starts in Europe, with a focus on Europe festivals, the site will aim to grow and cover more obscure nations and festivals.

      For now, information is simple and succinct but as the site grows there may be a need to organise the content contributed by members…

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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