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      ID: DARKEP050
      Artist: Aggitated
      Title: Contra-Addiction
      Label: D-A-R-K Records
      Genre: Dark Psytrance
      Date: March 10, 2009
      Format: FLAC
      Length: 48:00

      D-A-R-K Records is proud to present their fiftieth EP, by a dynamic duo from South Africa, known as Aggitated, which is composed of Dylan Reeves aka Noise Anomalie and Jaco Konig aka Kut ‘n’ Paste.

      Together they create an unique soundscape of psychedelic mayhem, using the Nord, Virus and Korg along with some handy software and a variety of quality monitoring. Besides that, their music kills and leaves the audience stunned. A wall of sound that crumbles and rebuilds itself throughout their set. Melodic and hard hitting. In the end, the vibe these two create in the studio is anything but agitated. Don’t get me wrong though, the mayem that in sues fits the name perfectly – AGGITATED.

      Aggitated brings you a Contra-Addiction remedy consisting of 6 deep, powerful and original night psychedelic trance tracks.

      01-Aggitated – Secret Society… (8:13) – 146bpm
      02-Aggitated – Dealers Of Pain… (7:41) – 146bpm
      03-Aggitated – Cheesers… (7:59) – 150bpm
      04-Aggitated – Robotic Plunge… (7:07) – 150bpm
      05-Aggitated – Wall Of Mirrors… (8:53) – 148bpm
      06-Aggitated – Redrum… (8:07) – 150bpm

      Previews here:
      DARKEP050 – Aggitated – Contra-Addiction – 2009 | D-A-R-K Records.

      All tracks written and produced by: Dylan Reeves aka Noise Anomalie and Jaco König aka Kut ‘n’ Paste.
      Artwork by: Aggitated.
      Mastering by: Andreh Torres @ Rotten Dungeon’s, HS, Brazil.

      Buy it as a digital download (FLAC) (FLAC)
      DistElectronic (FLAC)

      Also available at:

      Etopia Music
      m8 Downloads

      More to be announced soon!

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