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    Dr Bunsen wrote:
    I’ve ripped this tape again and included the b side this time for anyone who’s interested…

    Party Vibe – Movies and Mp3 Downloads – Dj Easygroove, Skaka, Die – Forest Hill Oxford ’91

    And for anyone who wants a look at the flyers…



    Nice one i used to have this tape but my bro was last seen with it ..a few years ago ..was a quality party ..remember the helicopter comin overhead telling people to move their cars ..


    Angel wrote:
    Really good tunes Doc :bounce_fl:bounce_fl

    But the Dj talk a bit to much :laugh_at:


    Out of interest has anyone got the Ensham set uploaded as my tape is no longer playable..

    Thanks in advance :groucho:


    I jus realised this thread had survived about 6 years thats just crazy:you_crazy

    Techno Viking

    Loving this set again as it’s playing on the radio now…


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    for anyone interested…
    a few of the dj’s from Forest Hill + 2 Bad Mice Live PA


    When you link to facebook, could you please copy paste to show whats behind the link? ….or else I might find an urge to edit


    @doma2001 15339 wrote:

    wicked thread…..

    It was done in a small clearing just outside Oxford from a few travelers double decker busses, and went on for about 4 days with no police hassle.

    Easygroove, DJ Die, Tim & Keiren from local Prism night at “Oxford Venue” (now the Zodiac)
    was the “Freedom” track properly identified?[/quote]

    Hi I am from that era, was this the warehouse party just out of town center ?


    I love this mix it was one of he first DL’s I got from here, didn’t know there was a thread form 2001 on it though.

    Cilla Black

    A movie clip and some pictures from this party have appeared…

    Pictures (see the youtube page for comments)

    Some of the better comments about this and other parties in the area…

    “i was born here, it started off my mum’s contractions and me dad had to get loads of ravers to move their vehicles so we could get out from our trailer!”

    “No that was at Cassington mate what a wild weekend that was to…… i remember the police helicopter having to fly low to tell the ravers to get off the tracks because it was a main train line lol good times man.”

    “is this the weekend the intercity 125 had to stop because folks were dancing on the tracks cant really remember shit but def been to the pits around that time, circus warp!!!!!!!!”

    “Still makes the hairs on my arms stand up and give me goose bumps, Crazy Days !!!!! Or More Like Weekends :)”

    “Chipping sodbury…. what a sight. Remember getting there, havin a kip & waking up to see the gyroscope with the uv’s & marque etc, left so many brain cells behind that weekend. Was unreal. I’m so glad people remember Forest Hill, so much effort lol! I’d give up my day job happily to do it again ;)”


Viewing 10 posts - 26 through 35 (of 35 total)
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