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    Techno Viking

    I think it’s dead for good this time, what do you think? Will it continue to glide into the mainstream and become a dated ‘fad’? Or will Paris Hilton, Avicii, Calvin Harris, Et al. fade into the horizon and Electro regain it’s original exceptional original sense of self?


    General Lighting

    I’d always considered Electro to be a sub genres of house (as opposed to Breakbeat) and it (like house itself) is still very much alive and well, TBH there have been mainstream mixes particularly for daytime playback on “youth stations” since the 2000s.

    I think I might have heard one Avicii track I like and maybe one more from David Guetta, but there are plenty of other decent underground artists.

    bear in mind that the current “EDM fad” is in reality confined to liberal areas of America badly hit by the financial crisis, who are thus renting out public sector buildings to anyone who can pay and turning a blind eye to event management safety regulations that would be enforced in Europe.

    In a mainstream nightclub in my town, any DJ playing tracks over 130 bpm (other than in the LGBT club) seems to be actively dsicouraged by the managers as they fear cops will scrutinise the venue for pill dealing, and this was the same area which was a hub of the rave scene in the 1990s.

    However when “EDM” boom collapses, its no more likely to prevent good music of any genre being made any more than the crackdowns on acid house in the 1980s or MDMA use in the mid to late 90s and early 2000s stopped folk producing music.

    Actually I was reading a book (on the loo!) about English wayfarers in the middle ages, and they had music licensing procedures in the 1400s…


    I enjoy dirty electro a lot..LOUD! raaa

    Mishka Peshchanka

    No one shits on my electro sound.

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Forums Music Does ‘Electro’ have a future?