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    don’t think i’d be on this planet if it werent for 4 to the floor!!

    AvatarGylfi Gudbjornsson

    i try to avoid being on this planet :p


    I don’t mind trance/psy-trance, such as anything by Organic Records, Flying Rhino and Wizzy Noise (I used to listen to a radio show in France called Rave Up.. i still got some tapes i recorded!!)…. but HARDTEK all the way for me, as well as Hardcore (not speedcore I can’t stand it), DNB is not that bad (i do prefer dark/hardcore DNB.. ie Technical Itch)…but then I am VERY open minded.

    What i do hate is anything that is commercial … for example i do make a big difference between Paul Oakenfold (the guy supposedly mixes any genre…pfff) and Carl Cox.


    its what i love most!!! i’m more of a tech trance fiend right now, nothing better than havin it to a bit kearnage, indecent noise or the true fucking legend that is john o’callaghan

Viewing 4 posts - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)

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