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      Damon J Snellgrove AKA DJ_E.S.S.
      Indiana was the place of his birth. A young kid with a passion for music who had already acquired skills on the piano before he’d decided to pick up the Baritone Sax by the time he’d reached middle school, then later the Trombone before hitting the Tenor Sax and joining the school band. Much has been said about young people getting schooled in the Art of Music from a young age and how that sets the scene for a good grounding for a career in the industry as an artist. Well, DJ_E.S.S. has those credentials.
      After locating to Orlando, he was mentored in the art of the Disc Jockey by a seasoned friend he was introduced to in 1998. This friend taught him the ropes in the woodshed for six months teaching him the necessary skills he needed to help him to secure a residency at Club 600 North in Daytona Beach and the rest as they say, is history…
      Let me introduce you to a pulsating piece of up to date EDM.’ This guy knows what’s hot and current and makes no mistake letting you know that he does! We imagine ‘Bad Chic’ being pumped through Heavy Sound Systems across the Globe, driving clubbers into a frenzy with its no-nonsense, get-on-the-floor attitude. The lush female vocal is tight, with a really infectious lyric that just sticks in your head and won’t let you loose and as you know, that’s a good first sign of a track that has hit potential!
      See for yourself…

      DJ_E.S.S. | Free Listening on SoundCloud
      Bad Chic.mp3

      Damon J Snellgrove | Facebook
      Damon J Snellgrove (@damonsnellgrove) ? Instagram photos and videos

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    Forums Music DJ_E.S.S. drops that ‘Bad Chic’