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      Hi, I read a book on DJing and its got a section on DJ monitoring. It says the standard way of monitoring is to have the rig set up, and put a monitor speaker by your left or right ear playing whats coming out of the stack and have the tune your about to mix in playing in the oposite ear. which i understand and can do.

      It says sometimes when no moniror speakers is available its nessercary to cue both tunes in the ear phones as what you hear coming out of the stack is oftrn delayed / bad quality / muffled by people talking. It says people may find this way harder as they have to listen to two thing coming from the same place.

      Personally i find it easier to have both tunes playing from the earphones, but will this method of cueing hinder my mixing, ive heard, even though it might make beat matching a little bit easier, it wont help me get all the EQs at the right levals as i wont be able to hear properly.

      What does everyone think. Can i carry on mixing the way i do and still produce good mixes or do i need to train my ears to listen to two differnet things from two different places?


        Tell you what it all depends on where the stack is and how loud it is.

        If you play outside it is hard .

        If you play inside then it is really hard.

        chasin echoes n tings.

        Train your ears to listen to 2 different tunes.

        If all else fails……………………………


          scottsummers wrote:
          Train your ears to listen to 2 different tunes.

          they already can. the trouble i have is listening to one tune out of the ear phones and one out of the monitour. i like to have both playing through the earphones as i find it easier to tell which is falling behind / speeding up.


            Personally I use the monitor and headphone. I hate the split cue as it doesn’t sound defined enough for me.

            The drawbacks with split cue in the headphone is that not every mixer has the option. So you may play out somewhere and find you have to mix in a way you are not used to.

            Plus it’s tougher to eq a track up nicely (like you say) but that shouldn’t come in to it too much as you shouldn’t really be boosting eq, just cutting it, so you should be able to estimate the desired gain on the eq’s.

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                Something you will learn definitely with experience. Nothing worse than playing a top gig, 1000 ppl deep with terrible monitoring. Look at any real professional giging and artist contracts. Artist always – will specify what works for them.

                Playing outside at festival or rave is completely different than playing inside or club gig.

                If you use serato, PC dj or Sync buttons – it will actually do the worka nd you don’t need any headphones or monitoring. But you will also be a talentless hack. . . so it all depends on your level you are hopeing to get involved in.

                Good luck-
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                  Yes, totalyy!

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