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    Miss Kosmix

      To download archive, click on link below and save as:

      complete_archive_(320kbps mp3).zip


      .::BLUSTER005 ::.

      BRAP.FM / 1800-2000 GMT / 12 MAR 09

      Techno broadcast hosted by Miss Kosmix live from London

      Successful label owner, radio host and founder of the infamous Concrete djz
      crew from Belgrade in Serbia, this lad is a real techno warrior and talented
      producer with an exclusive mix for this week’s show

      = DJ MITA [armatura, submissions, beatboost] =

      Nemanja Mitrovic aka DJ MITA born in Belgrade/Serbia started his interest in
      electronic music in 1995. Influenced by his father he began listening to
      Kraftwerk and Jean Michelle Jarre productions and later found other artists
      that kept his interest in the area of electronica, like Front 242,The Prodigy
      and many others. At the age of 16 he found the club scene in Belgrade and
      started going out on a weekly basis. As he learned more about music and dj
      skillz he found interest in producing music and the development of urban
      culture. In 2000 he began mixing his first records, playing in small Belgrade
      clubs. After some time he was resident in clubs barutana, akademija and mondo.
      His style can be described as a combination of dark and hard techno. Member
      and founder of notorious Belgrade dj organization Concrete Djz, owner of
      Armatura Record label his productions have been released on respected labels
      such as Blackoutaudio, Armatura, Mastertraxx, Hardsignal, Beatboost, Crowbar,
      Polymeric, Submissions, Betamax, Compound. Also a promoter and organiser he
      made possible for Serbian techno lovers to hear : Dj Ogi, Charlton, Staffan
      Ehrlin, Dejan Milicevic, Kay D.Smith, Lars Klein, Chris Liberator, Dave the
      Drummer, Dj Murphy, Mark EG and Distek.

      ::: DJ MITA on MySpace Music – Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads :::
      ::: .: Official Web Page of Concrete DJz :. :::
      ::: Welcome to Brap.FM – Worldwide Internet Business :::
      ::: BLUSTER on MySpace Music – Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads :::
      ::: BLUSTER Techno Broadcast | | Facebook :::


      [FIRST HOUR / Miss Kosmix]

      W.JORG HENZE – final load sheet
      IAN LEHMAN – migration
      W.J. HEINZE – kaminari
      MAR-TEX – maska
      MICHAEL BURKAT – tell us the truth
      MARK EG + CHRISSI – direct x [headroom rmx]
      SURGEON – electric chicken
      CLATTER – sheet noise
      CJ BOLLAND – riot
      BOYCONSTRICTOR – dat kan simpler
      LUKA BAUMANN – iou9 [go hiyama rmx]
      MAKATON – lankyskills
      INIGO KENNEDY – bite back
      MARK EG + CHRISSI – compressed
      MARK HAWKINS – cliche
      CHRIS LIEBING – the order of art b
      STIGMATA – 5/10 b1
      RYUJI TAKEUCHI – diversity
      CONCRETE DJZ – big legz

      [SECOND HOUR / Dj Mita]

      CONCRETE DJZ – Alignment [unreleased]
      CONCRETE DJZ – Motion Sickness
      CONCRETE DJZ – Creator
      CONCRETE DJZ – New Age – Unreleased
      C-SYSTEM – Basic [concrete djz rmx]
      CONCRETE DJZ – Brotherz [unreleased]
      CONCRETE DJZ – Welcome
      CONCRETE DJZ – cold Rave
      SIEGE – Switch Error Response
      CONCRETE DJZ – Encrypter b22
      CONCRETE DJZ – Klimax
      ALEN SFORZINA vs DJ OGI – Instinct
      TUOMAS RANTANEN – Ton Theos
      RIINO – Aerial Mind
      CONCRETE DJZ – No Turning Back
      CONCRETE DJZ – Compact Solutions [unreleased]
      Subotic – Relentless (Concrete Djz Rmx) – [unreleased]
      CONCRETE DJZ & DJ OGI – Motor [unreleased]
      MARK EG & CHRISSI – Squelcha
      CONCRETE DJZ – Wireless Electricity

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