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    Rave organisers for deaf people…



    Did a search 4 Stevie Hyper-D and found this!

    PaulM wrote:
    Deaf Rave say: Deaf Rave is happening especially for those are deaf who are denied from the normal raving scene but I have to say one thing – you got to dance as thats what raving is all about! Come and check out some good raves with me sometime to see what I mean!
    Great Site!

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    this is not uncommon; one of the main chaps on the old group (Alex Buell) is deaf but enjoys raves! Deaf people can still feel the beats…

    Incidentally for those of you who have good hearing its worth taking precautions to keep it that way; particularly if you are a sound engineer or crew person.

    One night after a rave I tried a rudimentary test using the sweep on soundforge and the spectrum analyser (which shows what frequency the wave file is currently playing). If you play the sweep from 10-20 kHz through the PC speakers and get people to press Space (to stop the wave) when they can’t hear the sound, the spectrum analyser readout will be the maximum frequency they can hear.

    In your teens or 20s you should be able to hear up to 20KHz

    In your early 30s you should be able to hear up to 17-18kHz (I think I managed 17.5-18KHz)

    But at least one of my friends (who is only in his mid 20s) has only got hearing to 15 kHZ from being exposed to loads of loud rigs (particularly in the early days of crews when people use cheaper kit with more distortion)

    I tend to deliberately take breaks from noisy areas and bumble around the warehouse/go for a mission in the field / find back rooms/stairwells to chill out in for this reason..


    yer, i know quite a few people that use earplugs, i bought some once, but i lost em and never remember to use em. if you are exposed to loud rigs week in, week out, i would say its essential. i think optical and ed rush have fucked their hearing from playing out too much. i recon the more distortion, the more damage to your ears, the worst tinnitus (that high-pitched ringing in ears the morning after) i ever got was at a boo radleys gig when i was about 15. the sound system sounded like it was literally made from shit. my ears rang for three days. i didnt even like the boo’s that much.

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    ear plugs can be obtained quite cheaply from the same places you would buy electronic components/hardware for rigs, such as RS, Farnell etc.. or DIY stores

    I must remember to get some for Lakota….

    Its more of a risk at licensed venues as the security do not like people going in and out too much (they are told to do this by the Police and licensing comimittees) and there are fewer “chilled” areas…

    Also crews bring out more rig at legal events as it won’t get confiscated….

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