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    Mark EG = dopest dj on the planet


    didnt dance academy get raided and shut down by the federitos?


    i went to plymouth academy in the early 90s. after that it was a massive cheese fest


    Yeah I went to the dance academy a few times before it got closed down.

    If I remember correctly Tom Costelloe got more time for managing the club (5 years) and tolerating the sale on the premises than most people who get caught red handed with large numbers of class A’s, and the 16 dealers from the club who got jailed ended up getting an average of 1.6 years each.. Mental stuff..

    The building is properly falling down at the moment which is a shame as it is a lovely building, they haven’t done a thing with it since it was boarded up, and alot of the boards are missing so you can pretty much walk in through the back.
    Masses of plants/almost tree’s growing out from the roof/facade which has got to be causing structural problems.. Bit of a joke really, the building was never kept in the best of states, but it was maintained just about enough to stop it falling down. Since the council have seized it (or so I’ve heard from several messy people) off him, they are allowing this listed building to fall into disrepair, which I am pretty sure legally they shouldn’t.

    I’ve heard they are planning to rip down the back end to put in conference centers, as only the facade is actually listed. Hope they do something with it, as that whole part of town is going to waste.. I doubt it’ll ever be viable as a theatre as it was originally, as we have several large ones nearby already.

    Plymouth is pretty rubbish for club nights these days, tried to go to a tiny club called white rabbit (known affectionately as the shite rabbit) on saturday to the only night we could find on, now the students have left… to be told it was closing early at 1:30, (should have been 4:30) as it wasn’t busy enough.. which I guess is fair enough, but a little annoying, I swear we never had trouble finding somewhere to go out a few years back, it was normally more of a battle choosing where. Oh well.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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