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    But there is a rational reason for it – I sorted out a problem which meant I was getting a crap mono signal from the local community radio station or loads of hiss and pilot tone on stereo (but no actual stereo) – and now I have full strength and this is what they happen to be playing, and to be fair these DJ’s are actually putting out a decent show with good quality/levels without causing the limiter to cut in).

    More of what happened will be on my blog, some old boys I know will probably have a good laugh if they see it as it was caused by something really silly (not 100% my fault this time), but to be fair without these old boys nobody in UK would have mobile phones let alone wireless broadband etc..

    TBH there are loads of good dance music shows in the evening on ICR FM and worth a listen if you are local (but its not a strong signal compared to mainstream FM and you will need to either be near or use good kit). There is a online stream but it was flaky last time I tried it (and analogue FM is better if the signal is good).

    The daytime stuff is interesting – although a fair bit is in languages I unfortunately do not understand (including both Cantonese and Mandarin!) because the license conditions are to provide for a very multicultural community and the older folk of it for whom English isn’t their first language. There is a show completely in French (which may be for the benefit of Africans and Middle Easterners who often use French as an official language) which I can understand but the music is appalling, its bad enough I had to listen to it when learning French many years ago, and it is the same twee cheesy stuff too! I would have thought music tastes had moved on but the French speaking world still enjoys it :you_crazy)

    Ipswich Community Radio – Home

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    now there has been a female presenter playing a interesting mix of dance music genres – slightly more vocal and pop dance orientated but not too cheesy. Its a lot like a London pirate 21 years ago but with way better quality now my antenna is correct.

    I thought there was still hiss, but this time it is the station, the presenters mic has a earth fault on its circuit and/or is situated next to a ventilation fan or noisy piece of equipment.

    Having worked with similar stations in SE England including doing announcements etc, I know presenters rarely notice this because they are concentrating too hard on getting their announcement right / correct levels / confidence, it is either excessively hot or cold in the studio (hence the fan which may be a heater or for cooling) and a proper broadcast desk cuts the studio speakers out when the mic fader goes up, puts up a red light and in todays PC / health and safety world there is often a limiter in the cans so presenters do not blast their own ears (especally from mic feedback!)

    Plus their studio clock is out by a few minutes (to the point she was unsure about the local time or how many tunes she could fit into the the last segment of her show) And she could not obtain the score of the local football match, despite the studios being immediately opposite the ground (this may however be also due to commercial agreements at Portman Road they have with other stations – I couldn’t find it either yet she was reading out emails so there must be at least one networked PC there. She did say there were a lot of glum faces but thats no accurate indication, ITFC supporters have been a glum miserable lot when they have beat a much better resourced team 3-0.

    I can’t do much about the morale of the footy supporters or the business deals but (having been through the entire Ofcom paperwork to work out where their TX was) I know this station runs on a shoestring budget compared to the mainstream “local” ones which are rubbish and all run from London, and both the noise on the mic circuit and the clock drifting are easy fixes. I’ve heard other presenters complaining that some bits of the studio are playing up

    So tomorrow I will find a better run for the antenna cable (as presently my loft hatch is propped open with empty jiffy bags and the gaps sealed with cardboard and gaffer tape so I can listen to the tunes without the cold North Sea wind getting into the room via the roofspace) and look into volunteering with this station – when I am at work I cycle back past the studios every day as it is, and the odd hours I work at coincide with the night janitor turning up at that building so it would be simple to sort this after the live shows have finished. My only condition is that I can park my bike inside the place for security (as the janitor does) 😉


    i’ve seen many live french bands and listened to a lot of french radio and yes it’s very well known the french + music = awful!!!!

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    I’d certainly agree for mainstream pop, although dance music and rap often made by minority groups in France isn’t bad (but is in a kind of French dialect you may struggle with as it isn’t taught in school nor broadcast on the mainstream stations. (I certainly do, my French is very formal as most of the textbooks in my schooldays were written in the 1950s). it wouldn’t get played on daytime radio in FR nor here as it also often contains swearing and both Ofcom and whatever their French equivalent is wouldn’t permit it.. they do have community radio in FR but also onlly recently as both UK and FR completely and utterly fucked up the frequency allocation of the FM band after the war (against a signed European agreement) and it still caused problems until the 1990s (no other nations in the entire world did this. Not even the USA).

    Younger people from these nations however speak English as their main language other than their native one and would most likely be listening to the grime show as well 😉

    As for the football (a friendly in the Youth league) Ipswich won 2-0 against Leeds – but this info was only updated after her show had finished.

    I don’t even follow football much, but am going to ask some people who do about why the local club either cannot or will not get this result to the community radio station whose studios they can see from the the ground, and who work with BBC Suffolk anyway. I can understand ruthless competition for rights over big league matches, but surely every broadcast should share the result of the teenagers’ match at least?


    the french make decent electronic music just seems like the french language singing is just a bad sound 😀


    French popular music stinks mostly but so does english, norwegian etc…Edit Piaf rocks, Yves Montand stuff from the 60’s is mighty fine, french hip hop is way bigger and better than the english, they even have their own national radio channel, I could go on, never forget the place that culture have in that country, and music is a big part of the culture

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    ouais, ç’est vrai 🙂 I wonder if the hip hop station has a online stream? unless its high summer and you live in SE England and are really into radios and stuff, VHF won’t cross the channel and there haven’t been the sunspots like in the 1980s, where I once managed to tune in the national TV from where Sinner grew up on a Japanese TV with internal antenna in SE England! All there was on it in the middle of the afternoon was Philips testcard and TELEVERKET – NØRGE) but in our youth there wasn’t always television through the whole day. TELEVERKET was the national telephone company of Norway, it was normal until the 1990s for the national telephone company to provide the studio to transmitter links, and often the transmitters themselves. And many including BT still do the links, but another company first called NTL and now Arqiva does the TX masts.

    To be fair there are actually some advantages in not having English as your first language as it stops your culture being diluted by that of the USA. I also like certain volkslieden / Volkslieder from the Netherlands and Germany, such as that song the chaps in Drenthe made about their bike ride.

    They have now a speech based program about the local arts scene (in English, but playing African music :laugh_at:) , and their studio must be in the plant room, or in the rush to get on air they have pointed all the mics near a PC or similar kit with cooling fan, the background noise (from the mics) is like the comms room at my work (complete with a ringing telephone, why is that in range, you can get a cheap strobe for £14 and silence the ringer) The African music makes sense though, the woman from the theatre is South African, I did wonder about the accent (she helped to make it peaceful in her country in the 1990s).

    I will send them a email and see if they want any engineers…. I know today many broadcast studios are self op but even the RSL I worked on 10 years ago had some engineering support and someone checking level etc (he was a bit older than us, in his 50s/60s and my friends roused him out of bed playing industrial breakcore as he had never heard such racket and thought we’d managed to bypass the limiter and Ofcom were going to lock the station off before NATS/Heathrow put in a red alert for interference) – we had to explain to him that the studio PGM level was fine (me and my mate (now part owner of a recording studio in SE England) would take turns to check it and stop people redlining their kit) and the music was meant to sound like that, 😉

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