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    So I’m just back from a couple of weeks on holiday, sorry to anyone I haven’t replied to recently. I’m going through my inboxes now. Now that I’m back hoever I’ve added a new commenting option to a number of areas of the forum which didn’t allow for any commenting before and threads as well. The tool is called Discqus and allows users to post using their Disqus, FB, Google, Twitter or Yahoo credentials without having to register in order to use Party Vibe Radio. It also adds some useful social sharing options. Anyway I’ve added this to the Chat Room, Blogs, Calendar, Albums, Album Gallery, Picture Gallery, Member Profiles, as well as all the custom pages we have such as the Party Vibe Radio FAQ and radio directory. So I hope we all find this useful. On another note, I’ve also made a change whereby the first post of every thread is repeated at top of each new page to help remind participants what the topic of conversation is which I’m hoping will also be benefical… 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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