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      Claudio was born in Torino at the end of the eighties. As a young man claudio he approaches the music by playing guitar,in adolescence begins to fall in love of the electronic music. Atmospheric sounds , hot pads , deep bass and melodic leads were for him love at first listen! At the age of 15 he buy his first deck and began to collect vinyls, techno, house, progressive and ambient are the preferred styles. Claudio at 17 age begins playing at private parties, in 2008 some of his sets are transmitted on radio exogroove. At 20 age Claudio approaches the world of keyboards and began playing the piano and organ. Specialized as operator electronic, Claudio begins to repair old analog synthesizers, the buying and selling are his hobby. He is currently studying the sound synthesis and modulation to recreate a day a his personal style.

      Claudio Gasparini – Mothman EP [BR192]

      01. Claudio Gasparini – Chupacabra (Original Mix)
      02. Claudio Gasparini – Mothman (Original Mix)

      Out now on :

      Beatport :

      + in all other major music stores online from 07 May 2016. Buy the original. Send us your demos to

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    Forums Music Music Promos Claudio Gasparini – Mothman EP [BR192]