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    I use a pair of them “norfolk kiddy rig” speakers for a bit of extra bass, but found that the piezo horns used for tweeters in these sound harsh and added to the JBL control one tweeters there is way too much treble.

    recently got a graphic EQ with subwoofer output so I was getting ready to shell out for a separate amp for these, then realised these speakers are built with all standard and replaceable components. So it is a simple job to remove the front grille and disconnect the piezo tweeter from the crossover, leaving the cabinets actng as subs 😉

    eventually I will put a toggle switch on the back in place of the 1.4″ jack input so I can switch the piezo drivers back in though its unlikely I would want to)

    who on earth still use 1/4″ jacks for speaker level audio anyway? thought the EU had banned this practice or a least discouraged it, it seemed to die out in the 90s…. that crossover could do with rewiring anyway, they used some nasty cheap cable inside the box…

    AvatarDan Ooops

    Ha ha “norfolk kiddy rig”!!

    Love it GL :weee:


    My rocket 8 krk studio monitors have both balanced and unbalanced 1/4″, xlr and rca jack inputs on them and they a relatively new model of speaker. I can see why you wouldn’t want them on bigger speakers though, but they are fine for these imo.

    Mind you, these are powered monitors and it’s only line level running through them (well what ever level my soundcard sends at after line level goes into it as it’s got it’s own volume adjuster so it’s not strictly line level).

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    to be fair the speakers aren’t that bad, the woofers at least, good large magnets, though I don’t believe the “400W” rating on them :laugh_at:

    piezo tweeters are harsh and thats nothing to do with my ears getting old, I thought they were harsh in ’89 :laugh_at: maybe good for electronic dog whistle but thats probably against EU animal welfare laws today and quite right too. I expect if I even used one for my plan to automatically caterwaul that bad cat (it woke me up again and has shit in my neighbours garden so that is two strikes) I’d find the door off the hinges at 6am and both cops and RSPCA waiting there.

    TRS jacks are normal for active monitors -but for speaker level that is bare metal what could be carrying a high voltage if the jack lead is plugged in at the amp end. !sinner69! was given a hi fi amp from the late 80s with old skool class A power supply (no noisy switchmode) what has the lightning flash warning at the speaker terminals, and various versions have approval markings from the electric safety authorities of 3 Scandinavian nations – others have a post horn marking (the German Communications Ministry had to approve one model for some reason). Now that is hardcore audio kit :laugh_at: raaa

    AvatarTank Girl

    Cant be reading all that – Mr Marcus tells me off summat rotten

    I have now relented and turned my subwoffer down as the old cow (age 40) over the road is threatening to call the OB on me – says my crack head neighbour!! –

    and I think I am pretty respectful……..

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    to be fair the bulk of my neighbours don’t mind, one lad plays guitar and sometimes dubstep (though he flatly denied he had been playing dubstep when I was chatting to him, not that I would have even minded), others were playing some Eurodance which was dubious even by my standards :laugh_at:

    A friend of mine is the drawing office manager at Celestion who still have a design office here (I go past it on the way to our main rural site) and believe you me if I wanted to din the ears of half the neighbourhood I could easily achieve that.. (the whole lot is actually carefully sized to not take the piss and eventually allow me to power it from eco-friendly but resillient power sources)

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