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      The Road Less Travelled by M Scott Peck

      World Abides – George Stewart

      Hyperion series – Dan Simmons

      Weaveworld – Clive Barker

      The Prophet – Kahlil Gibran

      Anything by Eric Newby (the Last Grain Race, a Short walk in the Hindu Kush, Slowly down the Ganges . . .)

      The story of my experiments with truth – G

      christ the list is endless . . . 😉

        mush wrote:
        I am stuck as ive read all my books now and im wanting another few to read anything will do as long as its good!! i do like real life stories more than anything though. cheers

        An old pal of mine has wrote a couple of books I cant remember wot the second one is called but the first one is ‘Just a boy by Richard McCann there true life(his life)and how his mothers murder by the Yorkshire ripper effected his life,Richard and I use to get proper munterd and go clubbing together and hang with the same sleazy women(only joking girls)in fact I can say that some of my most memorable nites were with Richard NEW YEARS EVE 95-96 FANTASY ISLAND SKEGGNESSraaaraaaraaaraaaF–KING SUPERB OH YES! then again new years eve the previous year when was working Basics/Up Your Ronson he was there too he was a bit of a party animal He used to love Vague at the warehouse in Leeds if my memory serves me correct,yes he was a bit of a munter was our mr McCann, Ive just remembere the other book its calld ‘Into the light’

        the rev

          45 by Bill Drummond. If you didn’t appreciate art before you will after reading this book. Plus its full of interesting music bizz based anecdotes and drummond/cauty/gimpo tomfoolery. I got a copy if you want to borrow it.


            love my books lots….the curious incident of the dog in the night time by mark haddon is famous good to read…lady my life as a bitch by melvin burgess is too funny ….a tramp can turn people into dogs an he turns this girl into a dog ..sorry bitch its so funny her life as a mut…
            the stone roses and theresurrection of brit pop by john robb…love the guys…
            memoirs of a geisha…arthur golden
            billy by pamela stephenson …his wife writes his biography ..i love this man so enjoyed this
            an old one ..midnight express by billy hayes based ona true story of a dealer who gerts caught smuggling ..
            the carpet baggers harold robbins..
            loads more but i cant think ………………………………………….


              Malaysia and the club of doom(why the islamic states are finished) by Syed Akbar Ali ,makes a few interesting points I think you might like it GL.

              General Lighting
                PHARTY wrote:
                Malaysia and the club of doom(why the islamic states are finished) by Syed Akbar Ali ,makes a few interesting points I think you might like it GL.

                just had a look at its wiki entry,


                will definitely look out for this book out from somewhere, it clarifies a few things I have been wondering about for some time..

                Incidentally my dad was Chinese and my mum was from the Indian communities of Malaysia (both were Roman Catholics, but this religion often coexists with conservative Islam due to its similarities..)

                They came to the UK in the late 1960s because their parents did not approve of the mixed race relationship (thus I was born in Catford, SE London in 1972 and did not meet my surviving grandparents until 1978..)

                Shit Robot

                  I Found “A long way down” By nick hornby both funny and moving:weee:


                    I have all 6 books in the Harry Potter series..
                    yes, I know.. I thought it was kind of stupid too. But someone sent them to me as a xmas present and I loved all of them.. Cant wait for the final one to come out..


                      Veronica decides to die and The Alchamist by paulo caulo both philisopical lovely books.

                      Also if you like real life Torey Haden is a good auther she writes books simular to a child called it (David Pelza).


                        High priest by timothy leary

                        fascinating book

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