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    General Lighting

      who else takes party (or other photos) here? what sort of kit and software do you use?

      I tend to use Olympus cameras (most of my photos are from a C-220 but upgraded recently to a C-740L with lots of nice manual controls – haven’t used it much yet..

      I tend to edit stuff on Photoshop 7 if its party pics – to get the best colour balance and also for (dumps some of all the time/date data).

      Atlhough my free party photos are no longer uploaded to the net for security reasons they are usually shared with friends as a morale booster and to remind us of the memories… (I copy a few CD-Rs and take them round my friends houses – the most secure data transfer you can have!) -I also photograph lots of random stuff, mostly wildlife/animals and technology (I will take pics of people if asked but I do try and respect peoples privacy, most rave photos of mine which are not of performers/DJs are often deliberate long shots so as not to identify individuals too closely)

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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    Forums Music calling our photographers….