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    Hi All

    I was just wondering how many of you have been taking a bus to a concert or party?

    What concert/party did you go to? And what made you take a bus instead of going by car?

    And what should a bus trip offer you to make you want to go by bus instead of going by car, train, plane, etc?

    best regards


    bus should have swimmingpool


    I only go by bus to festis/concert/parties


    I guess you’re conducting some sort of research?

    I’d prefer to take a bus to festivals/parties, especially messy ones as I don’t like driving on the comedown but usually end up driving anyway because:

    – It’s usually cheaper to drive if I put 4 people in the car and split the fuel costs
    – I don’t like faffing around the morning after, having to get up and travel to Victoria station/whatever to get a coach at a certain time
    – My mates appreciate being driven to/from the event
    – We can chill/sleep in the car if we need to


    i like the fact that you can get absolutly anhilated on a coach/train & generally annoy the people around you! plus you dont have to stop for toilet breaks, and you dont have to sketch out about the fact that your driver has had as little sleep as youve had and 2 hours previous was expalining the mysteries of the cosmos to a blade of grass!

    also ob dont stop coaches trains as much!

    i think all public transport should have a bar & a whacking great big rig! woop wooooo!

    Tank Girl

    I generally take my own van to parties / festivals
    Somewhere to sleep, eat and drink tea
    And I just take it easy if driving the next day it or other half drives


    Hello friends
    I think party is the best way to make fun together with the friends, families, so it is best option for bus ….
    All together is really fun to have lots of fun…

    children entertainers

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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Forums Music Music Events & Venues Bus trips to concerts and partys ?