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    AvatarRaoul Duke

    Roughly how many sheets of 8×4 plywood would i need to build one 1850 cab?
    I’ve almost completed my 4 hd15s which were about a sheet each.

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    @Raoul Duke 560567 wrote:

    Roughly how many sheets of 8×4 plywood would i need to build one 1850 cab?

    hopefully you’ve found this (as I rarely got involved with setting up the bottom part of a stack as me and my mates did parties in cities, but whatever your friends, your Dad, boss, the UKIP or any “rum old boys” might say your ” 4 x 8 ” plywood is a standard sheet of 1220 x 2440mm (indeed thats what the builders merchants seem to sell).

    In any case if you’ve already made a speaker cabinet you are far better at doing anything with wood than I am (I can at least stop the construction falling apart but it won’t look pretty. The nearest I have come to any of this is putting two squawk box type speakers into a piece of hardboard as a baffle, which are going to be used only for things like mono aux audio circuits and talkback have some sound rather than any kind of “hi fi”

    The 1850 plans are also in metric – TBH I can see the dilemma as its a complex construction and I’ve tried searched for a cutting list myself in both English and Dutch but no one seems to have shared one. So you and maybe some friends (preferably those who have at least basic arithmetic skills and whatever Craft, Design and Technology is called these days ) might have to sit with a sheet of paper and a pocket calculator (fetch out the one you may have had from high school or buy a cheap one at the shop – the one on a touch screen smartphone or a computer is more likely to introduce errors and distractions from what is a task you obviously don’t want to do anyway. Or if someone knows their stuff with spreadsheets, and other computer software you could generate the cut list that way (then again I still often draw my electronic circuit diagrams by hand as I find it quicker than the computer software.

    Perhaps your crew could be the first worldwide to share this info?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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