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    Next live stream 02-01-08

    Bluntbeats Radio

    Well, we’ve managed to stagger (literally, in some cases) into 2008, and, to mark this fact, we’re back on air tonight with the latest in our much-loved Destination Midnight series.

    Expect a wandering 4 hour journey into the unknown, via the record collections and personal selections of your co-drivers Doug, the Erbalist, and Agent M

    Live from 8pm Uk time, January 2nd…Check your tyre pressure and buy some travel sweets. It’s gonna be a long drive.

    Contact the show :

    Talk to us on MSN Messenger. Just add us to your contacts:

    BluntBeats home –

    Listen –



    Ideosphere on Partyvibe Radio

    20.00 – 22.00 GTM

    Mid-week blue’s? Feeling flakey and introspective? – the ideosphere will sort you out – techno, trance and onwards – a little pick-me-up to bring back the buzz as Partyvibe sees you through to the weekend.
    remember: ‘The health of an ideosphere can be measured by its memetic diversity.’
    think on’t!

    Tune in:

    chat room:


    :weee: Wicked shows tonight :weee:

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