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    I want to listen to a MF (AM) radio station in bed; using a homemade”pillow speaker” (these things were common in the 1980s for listening to speech based station or language learning tapes. However.’ The receiver has to be in an inconvenient position to get the best signal: I may need to put it in a different room altogether and run some twisted pair cable to the speaker and use a local amplifier. bear in mind I don’t want to let all the interference in via the speaker cbale. Should I use a trafo between the receiver audio output and the amp/speakerS?


    Why not try using a long, unbalanced cable (e.g. a very long stereo phono cable from CPC) and see if you find its performance acceptable before forking out on something more complex? I’ve been surprised at the length possible with these cables; after all, most classroom/boardroom AV setups use long, unbalanced lines for PC sound input into an amplifier without major interference problems.

    If that doesn’t work, how about a pair of cheap phono-to-CAT 5 baluns to send the audio down a standard network cable as a balanced line? PSG08179 – PRO SIGNAL – CAT 5 BALUN, AUDIO | CPC

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    I’ll give that a try; it seems the best place for the receiver is downstairs towards the garden with the ferrite antenna horizontal facing Zendmast Lopik. If i put the receiver on my bedroom it needs a 2m exclusion zone from any laptops/smartphones etc, a hassle as i use these for looking up difficult words and searching background information on the programme.

    I’ve got a half drum of CW1308 3pr telephone cable and even some low resistance wire wound pots from the kemo luckybag as well as various small speakers so may not need the local amp; there only one mono audio circuit so I will use the spare pairs for controlling the DC power to the receiver (from a local battery),got a shit ton of call buttons from old nurse call system at work (the engraved legend of the nurse looks more like a nun) and this seems like a good use for them…

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