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    I’m originally from Birmingham but been living in Nottingham the last few years. Now back in brum.

    Anyone recommend good places for a night out esp. dnb, psytrance?? In particular to find out about any free parties and meet some lovely new people!

    Ta! :group_hug


    Welcome to Partyvibe Ellie 😉

    There’s a few members from the Birmingham area here :bounce_g:

    They might help you out

    Check the event forum sometimes ,you might get lucky


    hmmmmm…guess thats a no then.

    Ah well, hello to all you people from not Birmingham!


    im from birmingham TRUST nahhhh im not but welcome all the same


    Im from Leicester, not quite brum but close! 😉

    Ive not been out in brum much, dont know any good psy or dub places. the Custard Factory or Godskitchen are OKish nights out tho, as along as you can afford the door and stand the house music! :bounce_fl

    AvatarTank Girl

    I’m no where near but welcome anyway :bounce_fl


    check the custard factory or the rainbow warehouse. also the bulls head and the cross are all good venues in mosley. also check out jibbering records in mosley. oc’s in digbeth also has drum and bass nights. the patrick kavenagh in mosley is a good pub in mosley as well… air or gdskithcne or what ever its called now is pretty gash if you ask me. cant really remember any oter venues ff the top of me head…

    edt. forgot to say the sanctuary and the Q club. not sure if the sanctuaryt is still open the Q club reopened recently i think.

    used to live in brum for about 6 years quality place. can be a bit dodgey at times, but i never had any trouble.


    thanks for the repies everyone! has anyone been to basement??

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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Forums The Vibe Introductions anyone from birmingham?

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