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    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    Anyone got some spare resources on a Ubuntu server that is connected to the net, and can host an instance of Sourceforge Airtime?

    it is running 12.04 precise and headless (no graphics environment)

    I’ve got it just about running on a 10 year old Compaq PC recovered from work with 1.2 gigs of RAM but as its only got 1 processor core and load average creeps up to 3.0 – 4.0 which makes the streaming flaky (not surprising)

    Its headless (no desktop) and I’ve removed anything that is a resource hog (like auto updates) but suspect I need something more powerful, as especially using the web interface (which is the best part of it) canes the processor

    spent most of last night trying to get it to work straight, I can’t even “borrow” the work VPS as their build is not compatible with airtime 😥 (though I have got my test shoutcast server running through there).

    AvatarDr Bunsen

    What do you want to use it for?

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    streaming VFR from this instead of Centovacast (as its easier to adjust the timings of pre recorded content and keep everything on schedule)

    Sourcefabric | Airtime

    AvatarDr Bunsen

    I will PM you about it.

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    might even be worth using it as a trial on 8006, if it works well it could make things way smoother for everyone (both live broadcasters and with recorded stuff)

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    an update, as I was in the office today I restarted the other old Dell PC (the one I foolishly put offline from the distant end of a remote connection) and it seems to be behaving a lot better than the ancient one

    this is the ingest / playout web interface


    streaming to a private shoutcast server atm (as I don’t want to put it live on VFR until I know that it works properly and doesn’t glitch, especially as the airtime server is on my work broadband and there is other network traffic there during the daytime)

    this is what the “reception” is like at the other end



    ez gl 🙂 my home upload speed isn’t good enough for streaming servers sadly, and my VM on the net only has 256Mb RAM so rather less than you have already, sorry 🙁

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    had a few issues with a kernel panic (apparently 12.04 current kernel is bugged due to multi core/thread support) but I turned off acpi and apic (as the PC only has one singlecore CPU anyway!) and so far is working,…


    In all honesty what you’re after is a PV virtual machine (almost all OpenVZ based) – which means a shared kernel – the same as Amazon EC2. I’ve got one in the USA for tunnelling through to watch the US version of Netflix on my UK account (it has 5x the amount of content). Check out these guys for good deals:

    Low End Box – Cheap VPS Hosting Providers Listing & Reviews

    The average is £5/month (paypal subscription so cancel at any time) for a box with 2GB and ~30GB storage. I currently use WeLoveServers:

    WeLoveServers – $9/Quarter 840MB OpenVZ VPS in LA, Dallas, Buffalo & Frankfurt – Low End Box

    Box has been stable and the throughput ain’t bad. Their support guys were good too – I asked if they could load the TUN module into the host kernel for me and they did without asking any questions (which ironically now has a mention in their sales pitch). You can get UK based hosts though, so it depends on your target audience really.

    They all mostly take around 10 minutes to provision your VM – because its all automated (also why its so cheap). Which is nice as if one is shit, you’d wasted a fiver and 10 minutes of your life, but that’s it.

    The point is these are cheap and cheerful but do the job. Watch out for ‘summer hosts’ which are guys after a quick buck then shut down after a few months – hence ensure you use paypal so you’re in control of the subscription.

    You’ll find a common trait with most of these. They use WHMCS for billing and OpenVZ for the PV VM’s – this means their Control Panels look mostly the same. They likely rent the hardware and network infrastructure from someone like Softlayer. That isn’t a bad thing – just means anyone can start a hosting company these days, hence the competitively low pricing.

    Regarding your comment RE Ubuntu 12.04 kernel – I’ve never seen this and we (work) have around 350 boxes. Mind you none are running on ancient hardware… 🙂 ACPI is for handling calls for power control – such as power off with ATX PSUs etc.. what you’re after is a non SMP kernel if your CPU has a single core. Shouldn’t matter though – it should be rock solid. Most likely cause is a kernel driver for a particular bit of hardware in the box.

    In case you’re curious I host the other forum & icecast on an HVM based virtual machine in the UK (at work).. which is a whole other kettle of fish in terms of VMs. I’ve got a couple shoutcast servers running on there too so firing up another isn’t a problem.


    Airtime is a great piece open source software. I’ve used it quite a bit and found it works really well. Really glad to read others are finding it useful.

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