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    Im not the most informed when it comes to speakers. And I no the plans recomend certain drivers. But would either of this horns be ok for this driver or is it going to sound like a pile of wank?

    Im thinking they will maybe sound decent in the 186 and im thinking of building 4 of them, they will be mainly used for playing dark dnb and abit of jungle.

    Also does anyone have any better suggestions of what to build bass wise for a simular price of about £200 per cab.

    Fane :: Fane Colossus 18SB 800w 8Ohm £156.36

    Horn designs

    Cheers Matt x


    its just really not a good idea to use a different driver other than the recommended ones as its pointless

    you might aswell design a different cab suitable for that driver.

    200 pound per cab is enough if you build it yourself. (providing you already got the tools & the time)

    what are you going to use it for?
    indoor events up to about 200 people i would build some GSUBs…


    It would be used 90% indoors in club nights and hall partys. I thought about G subs but didnt really fancy the idea as i doubt they would be that great in the long run if you decided to expaned or in a big link up etc. Maybe ill will look at them again.


    theyre good as once you expand they make a grade low-midbass above some scoops 🙂


    G subs go well above 1850 horns as well.


    To get an idea of how well those cabs will work for your choice of driver vs the original design spec you should compare the frequency response info for both drivers and also check to see if the cab designs and the driver freq responses are complimentary

    Get the info for the cabs and the drivers and see what it tells you. If you are struggling then post links to the info here and PM me and I will take a look. I may take a few days to get back to you though 😉


    i dont like them horns!

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