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    Loved the second track. 1st track doesn’t exists so maybe it was pulled by the account holder on youtube 🙁 . If i can work out how to do some tidy links i shall post a couple of old acid bangers from back in the day below ….–HX4

    Plank – Acid Wars – on Important Records label 1993. The original and still my favourite version. Pretty stompy acid <3

    4D – Hidden – on Labworks Germany label 1993. Techno/Acid from back in the day that just keeps building and building and building until 7m 45 seconds in then BANG!!! Brainmelting time. Seriously lost it to this tune on many an occasion being it playing it out of hearing it played out. Still sounds amazing 21 years later.

    I’ll limit it to them 2 for now but i have tonnes 😛

    Edited …. Wahey! The tidy links worked 😀

    re-redeited…….. Whoooooaaaaa! Just checked the date of original thread. i really know how to necro an old thread 🙁 (Atleast i worked out how to do tidy links) 😀

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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Forums Music acid bangers"!!!!!!!!!!!!

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