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      With Ace Drucci leading the swagger filled charge, it’s a little hard not to be down. This multitalented producer and emcee shows how talented he is on new global single “Down to Ride”. Together with London Blu, this young artist creates some real chemistry. Beginning with hypnotic production this track proceeds quickly with the memorable chorus coming into play soon before Ace actually starts rapping his first lines. This is exceptionally high quality RnB influenced Hip Hop and it will satisfy international fans of urban music.

      The unique combination of sexy, funny and cool, “Down to Ride” isn’t the type of single you listen to once and then forget about. This is the kind of track that slowly and seductively walks by, totally capturing your attention and throwing you off balance. Before you know it you are bobbing your head and by the time it is over you are pressing repeat so you can relive the passion just one more time. Nah as you will see, this one’s a keeper and once you listen to Ace Drucci and London Blu you just might be down for life!

      Ace Drucci knows a thing or two about pushing the pedal to the floor when the situation demands. This Washington D.C. native has been building a reputation for producing and rapping on some of fiercest urban music coming out of the United States. New single “Down to Drive”, released on Capella Records a division of Blackhawk Records continues the legacy of quality. Combining Ace’s influences like Quincy Jones, Dr Dre, Marvin Gaye, 50 Cent, Leroy Hutson, this track goes there and beyond creating something memorable and original.

      Ace Drucci is a talented live performer who loves to rock the microphone. Check him out next at Turntables Nightclub in Washington D.C. on August 11th, 2016! Be sure to check out new single “Down to Ride”!

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