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    AvatarTechno Viking

    Over the next few days I will be migrating our website from our existing domain ( to a new one ( This is about making PARTY VIBE into a more accessible (case in point) and coherent whole nothing more, our core values remain unchanged! I really think this is a necessary change for us and will bring some positive growth to our community. So I hope you’ll join me in ringing in this change because I’m really excited about it… :))




    I think this is a really really good idea, it seams that the ideology behind this site can somewhat get forgotten at times, and new people can kinda seam miffed as to what we are all about.

    I’ve noticed in the last few years that people have deemed partyvibe as a drug website, although we do try and give good advice on this subject, our main reason for being is to do with music and parties. This idea I think totally brings us back inline with what we are meant to be, and clearly states it in the name. Good call Dr.!

    I can also see having the main focus as being an online radio station bringing in a lot more people to the vibe. Especially as we already pretty much have one of the best networks of online radio channels going!


    We fear change!

    AvatarTechno Viking

    This is what happens to websites that fear change:

    USH.NET killed off

    > Quite a big deal IMO, it was almost as old as this forum and one I’ve visited for over 10 years. But anyone else who used it will know that it had turned to complete shit over the last few years.
    > Seems to be the way things are going though – no need for forums with Facebook 🙁

    > Yeah i’m quite sad about this- i never contributed really, but was always good for a read (especially some of the scandal)
    > My fav story on there was about a female hardcore producer called Abeyance who was known to ermmmm give “favours” to get on in the scene.
    > Then the people on USH put up her pics that appeared in a porno, including one where she hadn’t quite wiped her arse properly

    > haven’t been on USH for prob 4 or more years but suprised to hear it’s been canned…

    > wow, I remember when it started! Stop posting on there years ago, use to spend hours on irc in the room they had!
    > What happened?

    > Never really got into USH, seemed a bit to happy hardcore for my liking.

    > Think guy just got sick of it, and like all forums it had quietened down a bit.

    > Hadnt been on there in about 4yrs…used to be busy though

    > Signed up to USH 8 years ago but never posted. It was too Happy Hardcore for me.

    > It was a ‘new hardcore’ forum but there were plenty of people on there that only liked old skool. That was its downfall really – imagine if nobody on here liked the music the site was based on anymore. It just became a free for all with constant slanging matches. So yes I guess Paul just thought there was no point to it.
    > Shame though, millions of posts of useful inorfmation lost. IMO he should reload a database back up from its heyday (2001-2002 or so) and then lock all the boards so it’s just there for reference.

    > There was also a fair bit of antagonism between people on the board and the established producers. Shame as USH practically saved the more upfront hardcore scene in 2000.
    > to be fair though most new hardcore is shiiiiiiiiiite. Too many people trying to write stereotypical anthems.

    > I was a member since the early days but stopped going on there as an influx of complete nobheads made it go down the pan.
    > Without it though I would never have got chatting to Dave so at least i can thank it for that. Also bought me a lot of good friends over the years.
    > Shame it went so downhill I think the demise of hardcore in its current state along with the nobheads that invaded meant the owner couldn’t be bothered with it anymore and to be honest I can’t blame him.

    > facebook is no substitute for a forum
    > i agree with previous posters though , 99% of new hardcore is pure shite so i won’t really miss the place all that much tbh

    Back To The Oldskool • View topic – USH.NET killed off


    So no more PV abbreviation but PVR. We can call ourselves PVRers. EEEPPP

    AvatarMC G-Tek

    @thelog 527654 wrote:

    So no more PV abbreviation but PVR. We can call ourselves PVRers. EEEPPP

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I can just about deal with the change of address, I am NOT referring to myself or anybody else as a PVR-er, it sounds dirty, perverted and wrong! Boo, hiss, down with change!


    Always thought when peeps write PVer I always see Perv

    AvatarMC G-Tek

    @thelog 527675 wrote:

    Always thought when peeps write PVer I always see Perv

    LOL! Me too mate, but I’d still rather be a PV-er than a PVR-er. It don’t sit right with me, it’s all a conspiracy I tells ya!

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    USH was also focused a genre which has stagnated a bit to be fair (and I used to like hardcore myself) plus there wasn’t much effort made to keep a friendly atmosphere both on that forum and the hardcore scene as a whole – the nobheads they mentioned most probably are the sort of folk turning up at licensed hardcore events in recent years.

    Also though I can see the short term comedy value of exposing the female producer as a porn star with dubious hygiene standards, that can also put across the image that “only that sort of girl is involved in that music scene” which added to its popularity with underage kids in socially deprived areas really doesn’t do much for its overall image…

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