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      I wrote this while under the influence of Weed. The one with the little redish orange hairs on it.

      One day during a boring week of freezing weather I found myself getting cabin fever and just had to leave. Braving the extreme weather the freezing rain, and strong winds I went out to the library. Walking in I brushed the sleet and snow off of me and smiled.

      The warmth and sounds of the library were relaxing. Finding a book on lilies I sat down and read it. After reading more then half of the book I look up to see that someone had left their hat in the chair next to me. It was a quaint hat. It had a British look to it but looked more or less like one of those fishing caps one wears with lures to fish( or to at least to play the part). Reaching over to pick it up I looked inside and looked just like any hat on the inside. Plane and boring.

      I thought maybe there would be something inside, say money or whatever. But something was wrong. I felt a breeze and my chair was metal. Not the nice soft overstuffed arm chairs that the library had. To my horror I looked up to find my self sitting on metal bench in a park. It wasn’t the type of park I was use to with green rolling hills of grass and benches scattered around. No this park had no rolling greens, it was stone and a giant fountain stood thirty feet away from me. The sun was shinning high in the sky and I couldn’t help but wonder… what the hell just happened to me?

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