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      Not sure whether to post this in the parties section as its got a lot of rig names and after the trouble that glo had with the event he advertised on here i wouldnt want to drop anyone in the shit. Feel free to move it to the parties section if its okay…

      2B3 + Illicit + Entity @ STORM – The Reunion

      UK Legal multi-rig party

      Host: 2 B 3 Sound System.

      Network: Global

      Start Time: 16 May 2009 at 14:00
      End Time: 17 May 2009 at 08:00
      Location: The Custard Factory
      Street: Gibb Street
      Town/City: Birmingham, United Kingdom

      Phone: 07704044460

      Description Over the years the original Bessy as pictured above has been through many battle fields, now in a poor state and not even capable of venturing out for a party its time we took action.


      Here at Storm HQ we would like to invite you to a special one off event to celebrate our 9+ years of partying and to support the rebuild of our original sound system.

      We have invited friends old and new and ask you to do the same to join together for the party of the year!

      A special celebration of good times and a rare opportunity to see some classic dj’s and sound systems from our scene.

      Latest:With overwhelming support from the scene we are pleased to announce this party will be supported and in attendance from Ketwork32, Survival, Ooops (reading), Project Mayhem, 2B3, Illicit, Entity, TNT and Aztek. The venue will be the Custard factory complex in Birmingham.

      We have literally pulled out all of the stops to make this a special event! The main entrance roads to the center will be closed to the public to give us complete privacy. Once inside the complex all party venues shall be easy to access and you can pick and choose at your own leisure.

      We have gone for a total multi-rig free party feel at this event!!

      Indoor arena’s & outdoor stacks….

      Starts at 2pm!

      Storm will be set up in a massive 15,000sqft warehouse at the lower end of Gibb street…

      (Location 4 on layout link)

      Through the warehouse will be Ooops the open air drum and bass arena under the arches…

      (between location 4 and 3 on layout)

      Adjacent to the central courtyard is the Gallery 3,000sqft venue to be hosted by 2B3/ Illicit/Entity linkup…

      (Location 7 on layout link)

      Survival will be hosting the factory club arena…

      (Location 1 on layout link)

      Project Mayhem shall host the third floor of the factory club…

      (location 1 on layout)

      A chillout cafe with projections, party footage and visuals inside the factory kitchen will be much needed!

      (Location 2 on layout link)

      Central to Gibb street and through the main entrance will be hosted by Ketwork32 at the poolside!

      (location 8 on layout)

      Aztek & TNT shall provide the techno stage situated at the library (Location 6 on layout)

      LAYOUT LINK: The Venues | factoryclub

      More details and line up to be confirmed…

      All dj’s to play on the storm system at this event are original dj’s dating back from as early as 1999. All sound systems supporting this event are or were close friends & partners in grime…

      Most of these system(s) are no longer active so now is the time to pay your respect, re live the past and make the best of this one off special occasion!!


      Formed in november1999 a birthday party in Oakley woods was soon transformed into regular parties across the uk.Originally known as ESMI the first Storm themed party was launched at the notorious Oakley barns which was at the time a huge success. It was this very location where storm met the kaos party crew and soon was to play a major part of the Moot secret parties organised by those mystery druids.

      Over the years the parties went from strength to strength, from county to county upsetting locals but pleasing many that attended-making new friends and inspiring collectives within the scene.

      Only now venturing out for special one off events the storm system still holds a high flag on the scene-gaining respect from major techno and hard dance producers in the music industry many of which at some point have a story to tell about a certain Storm party…

      :: : Line up : ::

      Storm Stage:

      Oldskool, jungle, hardcore, trance variant & techno

      ::Dj Jezza- Old Skool jump up jungle tech
      :Lloyd- 2003 hardtrance set
      ::GabbaSlag- Hardcore dutch
      :Swankie DJ – Cassic storm set
      ::Dobbo- Techno
      :Rob Thomas- Acid techno
      ::Ryan ASBO – Ragga jungle set
      :Tony Heron- Techno
      ::Leon- Old Skool
      :Tom C- Hardhouse NRG 2002 freeparty stylee
      ::Fidget Fingers -Hardtrance
      :Will Da beast- Live set via link up from Asia
      ::Frau- Psy storm style
      :Matt Storm – ridgeway rollers
      ::Wooda- Hardcore
      idge – Pidgeon Funk deluxe
      ::Big Rob- Hardcore
      isturbed Dave- Hardtrance
      ::Barry Lost – Psy / hardtrance
      ale Clark – Hardtrance
      ::Ricky Webb – drum and bass
      anger Piglet – Storm style
      ::Moss Poss – Psytrance


      Formed in 1993, Ooops! sound system are Reading’s original Junglist crew. From the free party scene, the guys came with different styles, dropping anything that could be and still is called Hardcore Jungle Tekno! The London Acid City scene didn’t know what hit it when we started dropping the Junglist beats in late 93, but they soon cottoned onto our sound. Fun, freaky, seriously bassy and pure adrenaline fuelled DnB was our theme, and even though we had the hardcore and the Tekno DJs, it soon became apparent that we were a force to be reckoned with. Anti CJA marches in Reading, London and Hull soon followed, as we tried our best to protect the scene…but then again, the CJA never really stopped us! Arrested on our first ever trip out, and then busted and relocated at our first indoor attempt, the crew became no strangers to the old bill – even being known by name in the end…slots at Brighton Dance Parade, Reading West Festival and the Notting Hill Carnival came and went, as well as trips to Czechtek (96 & 97) and Dutchtek (2001). Liverpool rocked to our sound for three years, and then of course there is/was the Ridgeway, with and without Storm, Survival, Junk Chun 10, Enginearin, etc etc

      From the underground to the overground, Ooops! became the premier supplier of sound, lighting and DJs in and around Reading – you couldn’t attend an event without some form of Ooops! rig or crew there. Then we rattled the cage of legal shows, getting and holding Reading’s first and so far only regular 6am dance licence…this meant we had to stop the illegal’s in town – but the Boxing Club became nirvana for so many – proper sweat box, tearing rig, top class DJs and fab residents. Semi retired since 2004, Ooops! salute those crews who still rock the party, and feel very proud to bring the true underground sound to Birmingham.

      Ooops open air stage: Drum and bass, jungle tekno

      Line up:

      :Karate Kid
      :Neil Mac
      :Gabba Slag
      :Adam Ruckus
      :Mrs P (tbc)


      ::Mista Wong

      >> End 8am Sunday!


        Did anyone go to this?

        Dan Ooops

          I did – it was freeking ace….

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