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      The 10 question feature this week over at Pitch Adjust is with Shawn Rudiman from Technoir Audio. Check it out at the site now!

      The response on this section of the site has been great and the schedule is filled all the way into September and right now we have somewhere between 20-30 features that needs to be scheduled. With this many replies to our 10 question feature, we might actually have to add a 10 Q thing for each genre. This require some serious coding on our part so it will not happen in a flash and we still need to consider all things involved. We’ll let you know as soon as we have decided on how to handle all this…

      Forthcoming schedules are;

      28th July – Raumagent Alpha (Festplatten)
      4th August – Chris Fortier (Fade Records)
      11th August – Philib Braunstein (GFR)
      18th August – Domenico Ferrari (Straight Ahead Recordings)
      25th August – Dominic Stanton aka Domu aka Umod (Sonar Kollektiv)
      1st September – Jussipekka (Dessous Recordings)
      8th September – John Arnold (Ubiquity Records)

      The first Competition!

      We have the first competition up on the site now and contestants fight for three copies of the new CL Recordings compilation u60. Check it out by either clicking on the banner on the site if it’s visible (it’s a rotating banner thing) or click on the Competitions menu item on the left side of the site. There’s also a competition that ends soon to win tickets to this years Norberg festival with more than 100 performers from around the globe.

      More writers needed

      We are always looking for more writers who are interested in covering reviews, make interview features and stuff like that. Right now we need more writers who can cover Trance and Techno in the first place but the other genres are welcomed to. If you are interested, hit us back for further info and please tell us a bit about you and your writing skills in the message.

      Best regards,

      The Pitch Adjust Crew

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    Forums Music 10 questions answered by Shawn Rudiman