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    Wicked, im just sorting myself out a job as the local (unskilled) handy man, as i need a job due to the whole finishing school thing , just gonna be doing painting an gardening jobs etc. Printed off a load of flyers today and gonna deliver 1 to every house in tetty, Thats all 300 of them:yakk: . Should be amazing though an the weathers perfect for it. Could never handle a 9-5 indoors im not sure wether its due to my ADD or wat but its fuking impossible for me to carry out a repetative task for more than an hour, i just get to frustrated. Plus i fukin love the outdoors, hell im even thinking of living wild for a bit before i go to uni, just me a tent and my own means of catching food. Should be wicked though being my own boss an stuff, Wish me luck im gonna need plenty of customers:weee: