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    boothy wrote:
    Check out Black Sun Empire for some darkstep DnB…

    ive heard some of thier stuff a while ago and cant remember being that impressed tbh. I like dark stuff, but its gotta be proper rollin and a nice stepping beat. from what i can remember BSE was a bit to noisy and dark. You can have dark tunes, but without loads of horrible screeching sounds going on. Id say the one is quite dark, but its really minimal if you knwo what i mean. TBF i havent heard any BSE stuff for ages tho.


    mampi Swift-The one

    p.s also boothy if you like you dnb dark check out The Panacea. The darkest dnb you’ll ever hear in your life. Fucking hardcore german psycho music. some of it is fucking banging tho. H e was playing at glade last year, but i missed him casue it would have involved swimming through a river to get to tent he was on at, whcih had a river running through it! fucked up. it better not be like that this year.