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    i have unfortunately come very very close, was looking 5 years at one pointfor something very foolish, anyway back to the point, i asked around and basicly if you can get along with people and generally dont take no shit youll be allright, obviously if differs per prison you get, i know someone whos in cardiff and he finds it allright, i wouldnt wanna go to henleaze because of all the chavs and rudebois! however my mate got sent to henleaze and he found it fine, had a playstion and radio, got his head down and did his time, unfortunatly i think hes back inthere now! some people will never learn i suppose!

    dont believe all the bullshit basicly, people in prison are still people at the end of the day!

    i thank god were not in america, you have people doing hard time for the moast minor things because of there 3 strikes and your out rule!

    c’mon then what have you done & how much you looking at?