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    @`Matt 408863 wrote:

    I got a caution when i was 17 for about £5 worth of weed off a dickhead copper. Im pretty certain that it will come back to haunt me at some point in my life.

    Where I work that it wouldn’t count against you much as an offence of theft or violence, though if you got the job you’d have to prove you were trustworthy and would probably have to be supervised until the management would be 100% sure you weren’t tempted to divert supplies as there are controlled drugs stored on the premises.

    One word of advice to anyone is if you apply for a job with CRB, be 100% honest.

    Where I work they do employ people with non-blank CRBs (otherwise I’d never have got my job :wink:) but if someone lies about it and something comes up they are sacked straight away – lying is worse than making a mistake in life earlier and being sorry for it.