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Tank Girl
    boothy wrote:

    the army has the capability to fuck people up well bad, my mates older brother went off bein a sound guy, relatively calm, came back and kicked the shit into his dad over some ridiculously petty argument, tetchy as anythin now

    I think most people know this when they sign up – you are no longer an individual, you are broken down and re-built as a soldier …
    Just my opinion –
    but you cant goto fight for ‘you queen and country’ and do so without realising there will be an inpact upon your social skills and interactions – and esp if you see active duty – you couldnt face those scenes without some impact upon you…..

    have been in contact with ex- army and some of the horror stories are enough to make even the most hardened peerson crumble – esp what goes on in camp – reports of rapes and bullying and that is from your own …..