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    If you’ve got the means to go travelling, Go for it before it’s you get tied down or the politics of oil start start prevailing in the way Gl quite rightly point out!
    You’re only young once! All I want to do is go and explore the world with a few mates by my side.
    I can see what your saying about being an olde when you go to uni though. I’m 20 and in the 4th year of A2’s at college and it’s really depressing being around a bunch of metalheads who are generally as mature as the fresh sneeze over my laptop screen…
    But having a gap before uni would outway the downer of being around exitable first time stoners in the first year of uni for me. The world is a big place and being stuck on one little island scares the living crap out of me.
    So, just follow your desires mate:love:

    You’ll always be able to take out loans to cover the costs of ed. no matter how old you are but (although i dont know what its like to grow old) I imagine there’s a limit to the extent of crazy antics to be enjoyed.

    What are you hoping to study at uni?