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    @General Lighting 359126 wrote:

    I don’t think his election has really changed my mind about the USA as I already knew it was full of good as well as stupid people but divided straight down the middle (I’m amazed there hasn’t been full on civil war yet TBH)

    I think its cool though a Texan has actually taken the trouble to ask us what we think of the USA rather than just shouting their views or trying to preach random stuff at us which is what has happened previously so maybe the US is changing for the better..

    Haha well there has been a civil war, but that was in the 1850’s so I’m assuming you mean more recently. And yea, a lot Texans would come here being redneck jerkoffs just to get a rise out of people. I like to consider myself a bit more educated than them though 🙂

    Obama’s approval ranking recently plummeted in light of his national health care agenda. It will be interesting to see how he handles this delicate situation. And yea, I am worried that some Conservative wing nut will attempt an assassination… maybe I’m just being paranoid though.